Thrones pg.3



It’s as if riding to the future were outlawed.

The future arrives

Here, try this


This means, diving into the future

No. By the time your intentions are realized, you’re caught up with yourself


Things are poised on the impossible mountain

That is to say

balanced precariously

High above

in a place impossible to reach

I am one of those people who has, somehow, glided through life

This does not mean I have experienced no anguish.


all men experience anguish

But mine, is unjustifiable

and therefore, distilled

so its operation makes possible clear and lucid analysis


I am on the throne of my own imagining

Come down


Come down and suffer the consequences

Describe them

(Pause goes)

Afraid to descend, yet moved to anxiety by provocative threats

(Pause, down)

Because, options are always, in the end, exercised.

There was no other reason for my descent.

(open to one on throne 2)(hiding 1?)

Two can play at theis game

Are you confidant and happy?

I am radient. Treat me as if I am radiant

Yes, that serves my purposes

I need to eat

Fortunately, I have come down from my throne, and will therefore be ale to provide you with what you require

True, if you had remained on your throne--

You see how things. . .balance themselves

Why did you descend

It came over me

Will that happen to me also.

(Pause, descend)

Now how will we eat

We will each go foraging

(Both up)

Now, balanced on our thrones, how will we eat!

How will we eat!

(Blind man in)

I am here to assist

Ah, a blind man will have difficulty foraging for food

True. But perhaps you will be able to tell me in what dirfection to begin searching

I’m afraid not. From these heights, nothing real is visible

Will you descend and join me?

Once, in the past, that was possible.

Now, for reasons unfathomable,

it seems unlikely

(in wheelchair)

Here are the odds.

One of you on high will descend. But only one.


How do you imagine me

As a voice

Yes. I am a voice.

Reach out your hand


am I still a voice


What is your hand touching

A hand

Am I a hand

No. You are a voice

(Pushes bling man, falls)

Am I a voice


Why are you on the ground

Ah, I knew that was true

(opens, one descends and leads blind man to throne)

Helpless you are not, but you are deliberately so

I need your help

If you are helpless, no


I am not helpless, that’s why I need it


Your help

In some areas I can be of help

Oh-- let’s travel to those areas where you can be of help

I’ve been there, you’ve been there

Do we become equals inside such an erudite arena


There is no life to be made from such bits and pieces

No life. That’s my ideal

But it’s your life that’s forwarding those words

No ideas are being forwarded, it’s just my mouth on automatic pilot

Then you don’t need help

If it’s automatic pilot, no I don’t need help


Wisdon is mine, even if life isn’t mine. Correction. Wisdom is mone BECAUSE life isn’t mine


A day passes. I’m still alive.

Then suddenly I realize the mental adjustment necessary to produce wisdom. OK. I’m no longer alive

If you’re no longer alive do you still need to eat meals?

Of course I do


I thought you weren’t alive

I’m not alive, but I still need to eat meals

I’ll figure it out.

Yes, somehow you’ll figure it out. In the meantime, let’s eat.



If we are truly talking about the end of the world--

Are we? Is that what we are talking about?

One should not talk about that of course

Why not

Bad luck