SEEDS (what is this-- this thinking)

I want a world in which the central seed

Is the


That isn't biology  or psychology or a life story



To a certain


You offer me one more way to be in this world

World then to be manipulated

'experienced" put together

language manipulates, copies

tries things out




Situation=accept frame of situation, promotes it


Re-frames it?


Shatter frame

With NOW

Rather than past and future

Struggle to be inside lifelike-life

Old, dialogue goes forward in serpentine line

Now, from a little explosion (seed) thrown out and come back in loop to re-constitute-- wipe out?

What is it

This being-a-human being-ness

         (Beehive and many hopes, revolves)

how  man relates

to that center hive

with holes

that present, emptiness

(Not psychology, sociology, narrative

but something inside one

that is not

of one!

Small cell= generates

(not develop- cancer of narrative

Exclude program music

Play is about itself

What it generates

A note is hit (cells) and octaves above sound


Phrase- octave sounds

Stage the overtones

If you develop into story etc, you cut out overtones.

Cell sentence, turns back and blocks itself

He threw away his life

And it returned

Like a suit of armor

POETRY has no objects but itself


Start stop

_breath in-out


Alexander (organic)     vs.  Striking


                                             WAKE UP

Use both


drone vs.  developmental--      on/off




World is tangle

Of motions, acts, etc

But make



Every artist has different task

                  Me/not make unknowable 'known'

                  Impossible- since whole world collaborates in each item and whole is unknowable__________


Cell/ was "Balcony"


Between talking

- - - - - -

no words down well

but words that self-destruct

that sp provide no "information"

yet copy HUMGER for information

Alexander (makes me sick after thrill

Why art that imitates itself?

Not imitate world?

(even ground of world?)

Three possibles

Vision, true to self

         Rise wave of what is

                  Vision trying to relate to word

                  (i.e. tell world)

but a four

VISION, allows to be buffeted by world!

He threw away his life

And it returned

Like a suit of armor

He threw away his life

And it returned

Like a suit of armor

Please, do not allow the arrival

Here, on earth (Subtitle--location)

Of that . . .

sudden moment of wisdom and revelation

Which strips human beings

of the feverish drive towards accomplishment

no matter how self destructive

Would this be

That secret wisdom, within which

Only non-being survives.


Do not allow death

Here, on earth (subtitle- location)

Not death please


Is deep understanding

Possible here, on earth

         (If one were to  say,



Then how would people react


If I were to hear it said


Then I do not know how to react.

Here on earth

If someone looked into the empty sky

And saw letters written by God which said


Would your life-- change?


If I were to look into the sky

And see letters written by God which said


then my life would change

                           How/ (etc)

If one were to visit a distant city

Carrying the message


how would the people

of that

particular city react


If you were to bring a message stating


then I would  suggest

spending the night in the hotel xyz

with xyz

         (having a meal in the resturant xyz, which features xyz

This final opportunity

The hotel Bell Vista

 27 rooms

in a beautiful part a fifteen inute walk (etc)


Japanses people are not complete people

Lacking as they do

The quite different experiences and inheritence and therefore difrenet if equally incomplete psyche of Portugese, American people, and polish people.

But-- warning.

Do not long for such imaginary wholeness. Do not long

To tranform the entire planet into the land pf psychic death

People in this location

Are being challanged

To look into the empty sky

`(sky variations)

and discover in themselves

such emptiness

I want you to build me a house

In which I shall be able

To be a private person

Who draws on my own non-personal resources

That come not from the accidents

Of my circumstances, etc. or from

My particular genetic inheritance

But draws, rather

From the thing or energies or tendencies

That define


In and of itself

Then you will need a room

With a solid table

Covered in a pure white cloth


The fact that you say why

Proves that your own deep needs

Are a mystery to your own deep self

He threw away his life

And it returned

Like a suit of armor


Build me

 Such a house

Where I swallow pride

Where I walk on four feet, childlike


Build me a house

Where I do not

"This" coming into itself

which I make happen

through my maneuvers--


like a life is erased.



Exhaustion with

No end in sight



The price of a life

Lived in



being alone in

 the invisible desert,


but secure

for no reason

can understand

Arriving finally

In the city of one thousand libraries

I carried the book of knowledge in my right hand

And the book of contradictory ideas

In my left hand.

Entering the central library

My books were confiscated.

Returning the next day

My hands empty

I turned from the door before entering

I heard music



The different women

In the different hotels

The questions were always

The same questions

Suppose I were to

Promise you wealth, and happiness.

How could you know

That I would deliver

On that promise

If you were to promise me wealth and happiness

I could not know

If you would or would not  deliver on that promise


Suppose you were denied

Decent medical care.

Would you nevertheless  recover from a disease

That had been plaguing you.

If I was denied medical care

There would be no way of knowing

If I would recover from a disease

That had been plaguing me

Suppose you died.

How many lives

Other than your own

Would change radically

If I died

The number of lives other than my own

Which might change radically

Would be unknown to me


Suppose you were offered proof

That there was a thing called eternal life.

Would you be one hundred per cent convinced.

If I were offered proof

Of something called eternal life

I could never be sure

I would be 100 per cent convinced

Suppose you found out

That acquaintances

Amongst themselves

Called you by a secret name.

What would you do, then

If I found out that acquaintances

Called me by a secret name

I would have to decide

Whether or not

To respond to that secret name


Suppose this was just

An ordinary day-

How would you remember it as different

From another ordinary day.

If this was just an ordinary day

I would have to find a way

To remember it as different

From some other ordinary day

Suppose the end of the world were immanent

But no one

Could know for sure.

How would you deal with that

If the end of the world were immanent

But I could not know for sure

I would have to deal with that

Deep inside myself.


suppose a dearly beloved

made you unhappy.

Would you hide that truth

From the world.

I have no idea

Whether or not

If a dearly beloved made me unhappy

I would be able

To hide that truth from the whole world

Suppose you took a sudden and

Inexplicable dislike

For certain of your own  physical characteristics.

Would you try to effect

Major changes

If I took an inexplicable dislike

To certain of my own physical characteristics

I would find my situation



Suppose you were threatened

With physiological trauma,

How would you deal with that

         If I were threatened

With psychological trauma

I would try to purify

My emotional basis

Suppose I were to postulate

The sustained look into another's eyes

Can be sustained only as transformation

into sexual fucking.

How would you deal with that

If you were to postulate that

The sustained look into another's eyes

Could be sustained only as sexual fucking,

Then I would have to deal with that


Suppose I were propose

That the world exists only

To hide God from human beings

, how would you deal with that

If you were to propose that

The world exists only to hide God

From human beings

Then I would believe you.

Then I would not believe you

Suppose the world itself

Were the eye of God.

How would this effect your behavior

If the world itself

were the eye of God

I would no longer feel

Secure in my behavior

But I would have no choice


Suppose you decided to protect

Yourself from God.

How would you manifest that decision

If  were to protect myself

From God

It would be difficult for me

To understand

What I was doing

And why I was doing such a thing

Suppose I were to say

Human beings alone do this

Animals cannot do this.

Would that deepen self-understanding.

If you were to say

Only human beings can do this

Animals cannot do this

I would try. Somehow

To move deeper

Into my true human self


suppose I were to postulate

something else is going on here

which is a second discourse

you choose to ignore.

How would you deal with that.

If you were to postulate

Something else is going on

I.E.-- a second discourse

Then sometimes I would feel more powerful

And sometimes I would feel less powerful

Suppose I were to postulate

Things taken out of context

Liberate the deep self.

Would you believe me

If you were to postulate

Things taken out of context

Liberate the deep self

My mind would stop working.


To see one blindfolded

Is to be jealous perhaps

Thinking they exist

In some secret real,

And believing my own existence

Is under attack.


To see one blindfolded

Is to see them being tested.

And to wonder

Is this other one


Than I am strong.

_Careful. Now that you have blindfolded him or her

that blindfolded person

may prove to have resources

you could never imagine

as your own.

I will, in the long run, however

Be the beneficiary.

That is my belief

To proceed now, blindfolded

Means the rules of the game

Are perhaps

In jeopardy


Suppose I were to postulate

The future

Contains no definable moment

In which it starts being the future.

How would you deal with that

I would deal with that.

I deeply believe

I would deal with that

I would no longer be thinking

The world would be thinking in my place

Suppose you found

The law of averages oppressive.

How would you circumvent that law

Were I to find

The law of averages oppressive

I would find ways to distract myself

By going forth amidst people.


Suppose I were to postulate

The world as an almost exact copy

Of some other world--

How would you deal with that

1) I would deal with that

2) I would feel a piece of the world was missing.

 Therefore I would act  to make the world complete

3) -- a piece of this world was an extra pieve. Therefore I would wuld search for that piece of the world that I might them remover from my consciousness

Suppose I were to postulate that

Everything was self reflective.

How would you deal with that.


Suppose it was  happiness

That surrounded people.

How would they then imporve themselves

If I believed that it was happpiness

That surounded people

My focus would be

A different focus

         Can you see me


         Can you see me now

         Not yet

Suppose armies were arrayed against me

Would I triumph.

If armies were arrayed against me

I would  assemble my friends

And we would risk everything

. . . .ensemble.

If I were in the Italian town of Verona

I  would visit the Hotel ...

Which features, aprently--

         You are now in the Italian town of Verona

         Would you allow me to introduce you, therefore, to the wisdom of The great Italian author ( ) who wrote--


If I were to be re-introduced to such ideas

I would walk the streets of Verona