Something I like is soap

I use it when I'm in trouble

Something else I like is a rug

It gets wet. But I dry it off

Something else I like is going downtown

When were you last there?

It was raining

You got wet

Yes. (Pause) But I liked it.

Something I like is memory. Without it, I'd never take risks

Something else I like is a book

I read. But I don't read everything

Something I like is towns.

I've often been there

I saw you

Which town?


Was I wearing me new sweater?

I didn't know if it was now

It was so clean

Right. You like soap

No. You like soap.

Something I like better is when the air flutters

You mean flags

Is that what I mean? But the air does the fluttering. And the flag is just. . .the result. Or isn't it. I like it. Is that ok?It would be perfect if

when it rained

water fell to earth

It would be perfect if

tall houses, had open windows

It would be perfect if

trees bent.

That would be perfect

Was the sun out?

It was too bright to tell

It would be perfect if

shoes and socks

went together

It would be perfect if

dictionaries, filled with words

name some

I don't know where to begin

(Pause) I'm in the same boat

It would be perfect if

the color of the sky

kept changing. And it does

Yes. But I see a certain consistency

That's perfect

Then we agree

It would be perfect if

you'd writew to me

I'm talking

It's half and half

That's perfect

No. It's not everything

I couldn't put everything in a letter

You could try


You could fool me

I did

Then it's perfect

No. Houses are perfect, threes are perfect, rain, sky, shoes, rocks, birds, tables, those are perfect but that's not everything

(Pause) I've run out of catagories

It would be perfect if you said just one more word

I hope I chose the right one

(Pause) What's your choice

No. I'm buttoning my lip

Buttons are perfect. Lips are perfect

It would be perfect

if there was something that wasn't perfect

We'll never know, for sure


Could be

Here. Take my perfect hankerchief. (Takes, presses to forehead) Oh no-- not like that!Something I'd like would be toothpaste

Oh really?

Something I'd like would be ice cream that melted when it was hot

Something I'd like would be a countrytside. A whole wide field

What would you do in that field?

I wouldn't run

Why not

I'd run out of gas

(Pause) Oh. I see

Something I'd like would be touching my heart. I'll use my hand

You mean you hold your hand over your heart?


Something I'd like would be having a solid table. I could do things on it.I'm afraid of snow

I'm afraid of snow too

I'm afraid of letters that come back

Guess my postcard

What's written on it?


I'm afraid of mice, but that's ordinary

(Pause) I'm not afraid

I'm afraid of tap water

I'm afraid of bells

I'm afraid of small pebbles

Once I had one in my shoe: I spit it out

See? That's frightening


That's frightening

Now I believe you

My adventure started when I woke up: there was no sun

My adventure started when something broke and it was the light switch

My adventure started when I closed my eyes

Was it dark?

A little

Did you say anything

Not much

My adventure started when a picture on the opposite wall caught my eye

My adventure started on time

My adventure started when I was in a good mood

Aren't you always?

It's elusive

Then I'm not surprised you have adventures

Just one



Then how can it be an adventure.

My adventure started when I couldn't explain it. It already happened

My adventure started halfway through

That's why it was an adventure

Don't take it away from me

I don't want to

You did

I'm sorry

Don't talk about it.

I like mysteries, except when they end

I like vacations, except when they turn into something else

I like train rides, except when they get too real

I like hikes, who wouldn't if they had the right paraphenalia

I like games of change

So do I


Of course not, only when I'm in the mood

I like parties, if I'm suitably anonamous

I like weekends, if they have a schedule

I like ceromonies that don't announce themselves

It's hard to resist


Making everything count

Count for what

It's a lifetime of experiences

What a waste of time

I like that (Pause) I like that: I like wasting time if it's a repetitive process

You don't mean boring, I hope

Oh no, the opposite

(Pause) That deserves a kiss

Once, I said no to ambition. I wanted to be remembered

Once, I said no to belief. But I had to believe in something

Once, I said no to negativity, and it compounded behind my back

Too late, too late

Once, I said no to vanity. I almost got happy

Once, I said no to passion. The pain, shifted

Once, I said no to responsibility: Somebody twisted my arm but I forgot to say thank you.

Once, I said no to my own identity; the drift came to a halt

Once, I said no to emotionalism, it opened a window

Once, I said no to truth: I ended up telling everybody

Too late, too late

I got trapped in my own catagories

So I sat down to a big meal and picked at my food


As alwaysThe less he mentioned me, the more mentioned I became

The less I got invited, there I was

The less I thought, the more things got done

The less unhappy I was, the more I cried

Wait a minute. You seem to be making a big effort

Nobody can tell

I guessed at it

That's in between

That's in between knowing and not knowing-- anybody home?

The more I looked for the door, the less talking happened

The more I slept, the less I needed to

The more I went on trips, the less I got lost, but it lasted

The more I washed, the more people looked at me


People I don't know

That must be lots

When I tried to count, I got turned off

That's me. Slaming a door.Into the light

Meaning 'covered'

A soul elect;


As dispersed as ever.

Saturation poses

Re-opened, awake

Ness from deprivation.

Cool tooth

And the bland a band


Was it thut-ness.Self-surprise, when I stepped into my own story

Self surprise, when I floated a brain wave and it surfaced half-only

Self surprised, when I didn't look

Look first

That's no surprise


Self surprise, when I fingered my own tune to the total finish

Self surprise, when out of the open mouth, whole sentences like ice cubes

You talk and I shiver

Not bad in the middle of a non-stop heat wave we both missed

Did you talk about it?

Self surprise. When I get retrospect, I never know about it

I veered.

Off course?

That was my own colision, thank you.

He had a watch, it counted for him.

He had eyeglasses, they made circles.

He had a wallet, no story there.

He had shoes, vibration effect, a whole body like a travel bureau.

He had keys in his pocket, did he have pockets? Maps, to find out distance, but nobody knew how much.

He had pockets, they made maps of themselves.

He had a comb, it ravished by turning over.

He had a tie, worn out, licked.

He had a belt, circling the body it smiled. Was that a face?

He had a face. It smiled, therefore.

He had a brain, it glowed like a stone, so blunt, so to the point, he kicked it and it flew down the road crying this is my life, this is your life.

He had no sense of direction. Like a flower, petals blown in the wind, more flowers, covering the mountain and death moved something. Something imense.

He had death. He sat there.I displaced myself. It hurt

I rewarded myself. It came lose

I questioned myself. It fell

I attacked myself. It opened a door by accident

I covered myself. It turned a corner

I talked to myself. It shook a piece loose

I destroyed myself. It shook a piece loose

That happened before I said shut up about it. I said I lost a tooth

Was it magic?

No. It was backwards. Time covered my bets, so I was allowed to carry on

Under a different name (?)

Beginnings were not my strong point. Things started happening to me but it wasn't a sequence, it was a collection that fell into place.

Self development. That meant trying it on for size.

Self development. That meant cheating on his own personality.

Self development. That meant physical health behind somebody's back.

Self development. That meant unjustified comparisons; call it a language game but whoever won big never collected.

Self developement. That meant eraseable words of power

Self development. That meant the dance of three feet.As you can imagine, it was clumsy, but it was certainly a surprise.When it rains, I go out

When it's sunny, I cross, I cross a physical expanse

When the wind blows, I am held, life holds me

When it is night, I sleep

Are you sleeping?

Look how I turn, as if in the wind

Night wind

All wind is mine. My eyes cover the world with sleep

It's true, you look at me and something closes

Self defense

On who's side

Mutual self defense

When it snows

I don't snow.

--I cover myself with surprise

A door

Find out fast

When a door opens, it's too late. I've already comitted myself. That's why a door opens. After the fact.
My power amazes me, it flows

My power amazes me, it stumbles

My power amazes me, it stops whenever it's looked at

My power amazes me, strong even when it stops

My power amazes me, it turns against me

My power amazes me, it destroys me as a method of rejuvination

My power amazes me, it doesn't belong to me, hence my strength

My power amazes me, it's not strong, it's amazing. (baroom)

Invisible circuts? Sure-- that's par for the course

Of course

I think you wanted insights into my mental process

Who told you?

Not a little bird on my shoulder--

Well, that eliminates hundreds of possibilities

I heard you work on a narrow margin

Oh-- did I slip up?

Look what's under the rig

Well LETS (lift, elaborately done)

Here it is, space as pure as it gets

I think you're pointing in the wrong direction

Oh, forget about it

Launch a neew idea

You must think I'm multifacuted

I got rocks in my OWN head first


Sure I'm fast, I go down the hill of my imagination like a pair of pickup sticks

Don't stop when you hit bottem

Oh no, that's the perfect place to stop

Do you care if we put back the carpet?

I thought its position was perfect

That's your affectation for pure space

Another one of those things I just DIVE into


Fortunately, it's protected

Its a projectile, you mean

No, no, --outclasses

Well, we both are. It's mutually out-classy, because one and one never add up


Wrong again. Something slipped in between nobody looked fast


Don't count on it

Ok. I will de-learn all my arithmatic talents

And I'll just, put back the rug (done)

When-- that space, phased me out. Then again. You're not with me in this

Oh I try

Really? It worked

Well, Hello there.

(hesitate, shake, laugh)