(use in ìbooksî?)

If I could figure out how to put on this coat so it didnít make me look stupid--

Why do you think it looks stupid


Maybe the whole world is inside out

Why canít I get you to unlock things for me?

What things?

Are we talking about a key?

Ah, you think one is hidden in this coat pocket, which I am not familar with since Iíve never been persuaded to use this coat on a permanent basis-- hereís the key.

Are we ever going to find out

No. Because hereís a second key


Why does everything have locks

Not true

True. Try opening this door

Just because that drawer has a lock--

You donít know that for a fact until you try opening it

Letís say-- instead of op[ening it, I try penetrating its contents by using my mind like telepathy

Was that the answer to my anticipation?

I believe the only thing you anticipated was heartache

Yes, life has punished me

If you were a more inventive person, you could go far with such punishment



Iíll make a cocoon out of all my missed opportunities and come home later from the party I wasnít even invited to

Right, be a strangere. Make it exciting

Iíll make it doubly exciting


Wait a minute-- did we say exciting? That wasnít the word I was thinking about

I bet now itís so far in the past-- you canít even remember the word you were thinking about

I canít call it to mind

Thatís why thereís no mental telapathy between us

You go first

I did. And I fell into a void

(Turn coat)

Now it fits


My new coat

(Coat scene?)

You see. I canít tell the difference

(Exit)Slowly, of course, but the great God entered, and filling the entire room I lost track of my correct orientatio

Sometimes, when itís right, I lose track


Are you offerig me something?

Oh I get it-- I stand here like a plate of cheese and crackers

I donít see any

I meant, here and now-- be self satisfied

Nightime and Iím never self satisfied

Ah, when itís dark, you have too many dark thoughts

I donít have thoughts-- I feel totally empty

Thatís why you couldnít help thinking-- cheese and crackers

(Enter with)

I heard somebodyís interested in cheeze and crackers

If I didnít have the idea planted in my brain, it never would have happened

Did I make a mistake


Here and now


Well, Iíll put these cheeze and crackers back in the refrigerator for future use


ëUseí use isnít a word I like substituting for innumerable other words

You should limit your innumerable words to one word


You could experience everything as normal, including things that heretofore youíve fould impossible to express

And what should be that one word?

Your choice


I wonít pick up on that ball and run with it

(Cheese and crackers)

See? You couldnít really express yourself

I started out fine

Tell me

(Enter: Cheese and crackers?î)

I said something about being uncomfortable when it got dark, mentally

I canít even remember if thatís accurate

Oh, itís accurate, because the feeling behind it is accurate

Then I pass


OK. Thatís my choise

Not a bad choice


One word

Two letters

--Standing in for every conceiveable word that heretofore just confused you and other people in the immediate vicicity.



(Shake)I donít experience demonic beasts, what I mean is, my nightmares



You may not sleep tonight

I look upon it as safe territory

Oh, I bet you hope death does knocks at the front door--

Not too soon

But sound asleep


Careful-- you might just be slipping past one more extraordinary expeience

One more? I donít think Iíve had any--


Your dangerouls beasts have no recognizable names

All the better

What do you do with your spare time

(pick up chair)

What do you do with that chair

Ah-- you name it

I intuited something


Itís called a chair

Not if I manage to use it in a way nobodyís ever used it before

Put it down


Ah, now you can sleep better

Not necessarily if Iím lying in bed and suddenly remember something


Oh, trivial things

Like picking up a dangerous chair

I think ëll domesticate it for a minute


Maybe I take a seat

By all means

Iíll close my eyes if you donít mind


I mind

Donít worry. I can see you in my imagination


I know you left the room, so why am I talking to you


Please, make this chair do something extraordinary to me!

(Open, rise and look)

No such luck

Maybe Iíll go to bed

(Exit)What keps the world from flying to pieces?


Look, this isnít my way of talking, not at all

Then what the hell--?

Not at all.


Word A, followed by word B

I was really worried about--

--No! Word A, folowed by word B.

Word A

Word A



Word B



What is it followed by

(Pause, like doctor)

Follow my hand


I donít know if I will to get out of here alive


Intuit it for yourself, please



Am I allowed to give myself an innoculation

What kind

(Pause, goes, gets suringe full)

My PANTS are full

Your pants are full of nothingMy pants

My celebrated handles

My trot

My burnt toast

My ease eyes

My cane of double dimention

My lost wallet

My coes

My counterfits

My blows undercover

all twist in a double direction

Factors-- one word

Fast-- a second word

Fruits of the mind

Fast approaching opportunities

The seedling closer to the sap

than the sturdy oak

The acorn

The grass

I see no evidence of the grass

My factories

My beach under the roof

What roof

No-- you mean what beach

All I have are my associative tendencies.

Believe me-- believe my belief system

My private bedlam

My bones

My agular vision

Like a diagram of the machineable brainI visit you from Egypt

I visit you from the land of the dead.

You think to ask-- who I am, but the correct things to think and to ask is where I am-- where am I now.

Where am I now and who do I imitate, here where I am now when I am doing the imitation.

Look into the cabinet and see my hand hand writing


Whatís writing

My hand is writing, that should be obvious

Something controls a hand

Nothing controls a hand when it writes.

The hand writes, biut there is a controling mental aparatus

(Out of ciffin)

Let the hand lead the writing and the mental aparatus follow the lead of the hand wrioting


What makes you come out of the cabinet

Gravity made me fall towards the earth-- even though I am at odds with gravity

(He has shut cabinet)

Why did you write something

I wrote nothing


I didnít like seeing a hand by itself writing something. It caused me great agitation

I know

Did you come, therefore, to calm my agitation

Where am I

No. I should be saying-- who are you

You should be saying-- where am I now

I know where I am-- partioally.

Ah, at odds with yourself, for the moment

I am at odds with the electro-magnatic gravity that tries to locate me

But I HAVE located you



Here. Here where I am right now

* * *

keep going

I can only keep going if I donít focus

Your eyes are focused


On me?

` (Open cabinet)

Thereís something flowing into the hand that is doing the writing, but I have no way of knowing if that something is flowing into the hand that is writing or that something is flowing out from the hand that is writing

Keep going

If I keep going-- do I focus, or do I stop focusing

Which cxauses you more agitation, internally

Do you understand my desire. My desire is to focus no longer

Keep going. Keep going

Yes. I keep going

Which direction does it flow

I keep going. There is no flowing from outside


There is a tremendous flowing from the outside to my inside

With results-- such as.

Yes. My hand is agitated

Wash your hands please


Done. My hands are clean

Iím afraid you overlooked something very important


Look please into the basion where yopu washed your hands

Yes. Itís empty

But you made a mistake. The water filled the basion and then emptied from the basin. And ion so doing-- remember?

I wasnít watching

It began describing a circle as it swirled down the hole at the bottom of the basin. It didnít go straight down the hole-- it circled, it swirled as it drained from the basin. So.


Are you chasing vanishing objects?

I donít know what vanishes. I forget

Make the inside of your head go ina circle


Ah, it already has that shape

See how easy it could be? Dream time. Dream time

Where do I enter

You mean, where do you enter, or you mean where do you exit, but do not worship such a door please

Of course not

Do not turn such a door into number one-- idol , number two-- icon , number three- that very particular ìIî through which something you think is seeable is in fact seeable.


Whatís visible here


Whatís visible

My look is apparently frozen

Whatís behind that door is something thatís realy going to surprise you

Iím already surprised


Because Iím suddenly happy for no explicable reason

(Out, return. Repeat)

See? I go out, I come back, all of this giving me a feeling that is very delightful, in fact, for no partiocuylar reason


By the way

(Open drawer)

--hereís the key

I donít need it

Well-- in that case swallow it

Listen-- there are two kinds of people

I know

Iím the second kind


Then Iíll just put the key back in this drawer

Do that. Iíve already forgotten where you put it


Could I have that key?

Here it is--

(Takes. locks door)

Now that itís locked, if I try to leave by this door, there will probably be a major collision

It depends whether or not you give yourself permission

To have a major collision


I do


--Because I like bumping into things. I derive a certain ëhappinessí in bumping into things unexpectedly

Then your happiness is assured

Knowing that makes me DOUBLY happy

(bang in door)


Why donít you try using the kep

Why donít I just try a different door


(Comes in locked door)

What does this tell me about myself

Guess what. The only way I can see myself is by erasing myself

Try looking at something else

Total erasing

Words still seem possible

Oh no, those are left over words

Words are certainly saying something

What are words saying

Words are saying-- we words are very worried about vulnurable parts of our bodies

What parts

Well-- the parts without parts-- so that must mean-- total words. What are total words compared to words that are different

Words that are different keep going

So hole- eye- target- gap

You make it sound like language is worried about itself

Experts are confused. Language is worried about itself

Experts are confused

Experts are certainly confused

(Laughter)Question. Do I have enough roses to make myself happy

Concerning the atmosphere?

Oh Estelle, is it the number of roses or is it the rose

What do you mean by ëthe roseí

I mean, a certain rose, which is the answer, of course, to a very specific prayer

You mean, I pray for roses like other people pray for rain

Well, isnít it the same thing since roses grow if there is sufficient rain, and do not grow when there is a drought

These roses-- they are anticipated and enjoyed, more than enjoyed, more intense than enjoying them

I sense that


Hello Estelle, I have arrived with roses


Letís put them in a vase

Look, we already have these roses in a vase

Yes. What would we do without our roses

Look, I donít insist that my roses take prescidence. But I hope you wonít treat them badly

Maybe we can combine them in vases, with some of the roses that already exist


Look what I found. A vase

Thank god, my roses can go inside this supplimentary vase


Where are you going to place them, Estelle

Iím going to sit them on thew center of this table. What happens next is as follows


The brain turns into a rose. It releases-- freagrence. And that same fragrence-- fills more than this room because the experience of that fragrence is carried inside translating organisms into the entire language and meaning network-- you see? Itís the appropriate moment for us to stop talkingThe word vanishes from my vocabulary. But it IS spoken--

What word

Tendency. The tendency to avoid the spoken word

The spoken word-- tendency

When it speaks, it speaks of its own tendency towards articulation

Does this fill you with certain emotion

Yes. My tendency is toward that emotion, but then that emotion is swalloed by something else in consciousness

Describe that something else

The emotion doesnít vanish

Does it hide

Yes, it hides in something else which is the emotion

I am pointing toward it


The emotion of which we are victems


If we are victems of that emotion, it is impossible that one is simultaniously pointing toward that emotion

Try it


Try it and find out how

The accomplishment is the explination


(Pause) The explination, therefore, as a very emotional experiuence

I would say so



You gave way to that tendency

No. I havenít once moved from the spot where I began talking

That was your mistake

That was your reward


For what am I beling remembered

Well, letís just say-- the emotion of the situation benifits us both

Dare we articulate what fills us with such feelings

Donít worry. They pass, eventualy

Not yet. Iím still feeling something


And now?

Iím still feeling something

Do I believe this?

I believe this

Then I believe this alsoI havenít forgotten anything except my memories

But look, here they are

Are we in syncronazation?

Weíve lost the tune

Was it a memory of the tune?

Well, am I singing or speaking

Thatís up to me, isnít it

hich do you prefer

n different occasions I prefer different resources. It depends-- on a particular occasion, how deep I feel like digging, because when I dig into somebody elsesís motives--

--You find your own

Ah. Singing

True. Singing is more of a collaboration

Donít say that

Donít stop talking

No, you donít allow me silence, because whatever I say, what you say comes after


This is not under my control

Iíll give you ten seconds to come up with a more satisfactory response to my basic question

I think itís been superceeded

The basic quesion is never superceeded

When itís irrelevent, itíís obviously superceeded

If itís basic--

--Of course

Itís never superceeded

Well, not unless we think of time as going backwards

Ah, that means we kiss and make up

Inside time going backwards, yes

Iíve never been inside time--

It looks different from the inside

Iíve been pushed forward by something, and here I am, waiting for the next knock on one of several possible doors, so perhaps youíre right and I am inside after all, which means I better change my mental perspective. Thank you for that

Wait a minute. Iíd like to de-gift-a-fy myself


No. Thatís my way of being a true friend

One friend isnít enough. I need hundreds


A hundred and one

Come in!


Well, letís just pretend I came in through that door

Yes-- we can play such tricks

Wow! Are you mentally rapid-- this is amazing


Iím sorry. Being amazed is my addiction of choice



I suppose I am

(Goes to shoot self, stops)

Well, there sare no bullets


Yes. I suppose I am

(Shots self)


This is amazing


Did you do that

It depends on your perspective

Thatnk God Iím not really dead


This is amazing

So what exactly is your perspective, when you answer my question as to whether or not youíre responsible

We canít even tell to whom that question is being directed


(entered one)

No-- since Iím the one who just recently arrived, maybe Iím the one whoís selfish

(Pause. exit)


If I say one more time-- selfish-- does that send somebody else flying from this room?

(Pause. Both go)

Arogance? I wouldnít be me, otherwise

Therefore, every other pose is out of the question


Ow. That hurt

But your articulation is so wonderful

You mean

(Points to mouth)

--this old thing.

Itís just a twitch

Fortunately, you put two and two together, so I have to make miniscle effort-- just an occasional gesture

Is this what you had in mind?

(Gets figurine)

Amazing. It looks like me.

Do you feel protective

On the contrary. Iíd be happy to see it destroyed, because it would have no implications regarding my own well-being

Iíd never destroy this

Trying to disappoint my expectations?

It has too much resonance in my private system of-- well, I donít know what system, but I do know I canít help being systemaic about everything

Let me hokd it

If you wonít break it

Oh no, Iím into arogance, not trivia


OK. Trivia as a gift

Hum, now that I have it here in my hand, it seems less like me than I supposed

Well, it never looked like you

know, it was the spirit of the thing

(Put in cabinet)

It went back inside but not in the appropriate location

Letís look where it uised to be


It wonít be there

Right, itís not here. Can you remember where I put it


Show me

(other opens)

Thatís right, and there it is


If I put it back will you come back?


No answer of course. So the decision is mine

(Start, stop, back in original place. A knock)

Come in

Where did you put it

I revealed alot about myself by my choice

Oh? I thought you were trying to reveal some of MY secrets

Itís true, I did that inadvertently

Except for the fact that I hide nothing


Thatís an accusation

How can it be an accusation since you originally applied the term to yourself

No, I was trying it out, but I was waiting for you to make the first move, I mean the first REAL move

Iíve never made a REAL move in my life

(Pause. Go to cabinet, figure)

Well, here it is

(Pause. Puts it back


You can count on it. Itíll stay there a very long time

Then I can go





I look for a reversal of all catagories. I look for some kind of wipe-out-- that forces me to discouver whatever resoiurces I had no ability to anticipate. Could I be very different than I am

I think so

Are you talking about yourself also


Letís find out

(Open cabinet, other stops)

Oh no you donít--

Iím not going to hurt it

It stays in there

It doesnít even look like me

Thatís not the point

(gun. shoots self, falls, gets up)

A magic gun

Yeah-- Iíll trade you this magic gun for that. . .representation


(Exchange, one with gun goes off stage. A shot)

Now I have no way of knowing ifit sustained its magical characteristics--


Iíve got to tell you-- I didnít have the nerve to do anything except fire it out the window

I hope that didnít exhaust its magic capabilities

Well-- you can try

Once is enough


You want this bac?


Well-- Iíll just put it away

(Third place)

I wonder how many more hiding places we can discover for it

We? I donít think WE will be doing anything of the sort. I dont intend any further collaboration

Asking me to go?



I wonder if Iíll be hearing another gun shor


I guess not

Ah well, itíll be hard not to have that anticipation lurking somewhere in the back of my consciousness

(Open door to look. Close)

Wait a minute-- now I remember--

(Goes get second gun, shot self, fall and up)

Thank God it still works

(Puts it back. look in mirror)

No-- that really doesnít look like me-- so either thereís something wrong with this mirror-- or thereís something wrong with my face-- but how can there be something wrong with my face since itís my face--

` (enter)

You look different

Better or worse

Different. I wonít know if itís an improvement until I experience some of your behavior, then Iíll be in a position to make a comparison

You canít know if itís genuine behavior or just calculated effect

It wonít matter

Thatís giving yourself lots of credit

Donít you recognize me? Itís ME! Itís this arrogant bastard stadning in front of you. I see everything. Nothing escapes me. All I need is a little time to amass evidencxe, and then automatically-- my brain comes up with the appropriate schematic


Well, I have time


I have time too, but Iím very impatient--

--Is this the behavior youíre anticipating?

I donít anticipate it, I just drink it in, and then do my best to produce an accurate mental copy


(Noise, music)

Oh, I like that music

I do too

I like that music, I do like that music

Me too. I do like that musicThis is certainly still a room

This is certainly an experience

or a certain dimention, in a certain room

You must be keeping track of time

I am-- pivoting from one time into another

You mean-- changing direction

No. I mean by the word pivoting-- something I canít express

But you did


You did, with the specific word pivoting


Was it an ill chosen word

No. I think it was a good choice


Iím in no position to judge what it feels like inside you when you necessarily pass judgementg on one of your own words choices

No single word can be taken out of context

Then we could never say anything


Isnít it true, only taking words out of context affords the possibility of changing direction, and only changing direction means saying something


All of that could be replaced with one word, I suppose


Are you repeating yourself



No. It sounds like it but I donít think so

Well-- when you subject me to such meticulous analysis, I become inhibited


I donít talk as much

You boil things down to single words

What things


Me too

You go first

No. Any word I choose will seem--




Not very spontanious


Well-- weíll just have to lurch forward any way we can


Whatever direction, itís still forward.

Time does pass


Then we might as well release a veritable torrent of words and let the consequences be consequences

That makes things easier

(Pause. G0)This is not normal mental revolve

You mean--

I donít ëmeaní anything you can possibly indicate, because my ëmeansí are, essentially, too rapidly evolving to possibly chart against anybody elseís copy-cat consciousness

That shuts me up

(Pause, starts opening drawers)

Everything is about being in certain cabinets but then being replaceable because weíre not talking about the same thing except separated by thought gaps

What do you determine as the duration of each thought gap


The minute I reach out for that answer--

Trhereís your first mistake

No, thatís just a manner of speaking, it canít possibly be my first mistake

When was that

Well, it wasnít before I was born but it wasnít just after I was born either because baby that I was I still wasnít



I still see the child in you

You mean Iím looking for my playthings

(Goes through cabionets)


Every time we rush through lifeís possibilities--

Do we grow up a little

No, we by-pass more and more in the realm of opportunity

I donít think so

You donít look satisfied

Eventually with practice, sufficient speed so when everything turns into a real blur, then itís as if going so fast I stopped

Why not just stop

You know the answer

I donít know it now-- I know it sometime in the future, so Iíll catch up with it

Is this doing you any good



This minute?


Is this very minute doing me any good-- no-- because itís already passed me by-- yes-- because it added to my store of memories

What good is that

The more memories, the wider my arc of mental circulation, so pretty soon Iím cycling through the increasing multitude of those things--

Those memories?

Is that what they are? Iíd have thought by now they were something radicaly different--



I lift off

Well, you imagine sufficient speed


But is it realy sufficent if you just imagine it


I stand corrected. Since you didnít immediately answer, youíre evidently in an other realm. My hero

FinallyOh, itíll pass

Then Iíll say-- whatís the next step


Since you donít answer--

Am I your hero?

Youíd only be my hero if you were in another realm completely

(Pause. Exit)

Left to my own resources-- Help!

(Exit other door)

(In other door)

Too late

(in and out)

ìThey were in one realm, then they were in anotherî

(Lights change color)I can gravitate toward what I bring into existence

Certainly a chair

The chair/ the famous cair

It isnít famous

No, but it certainly keeps manifestating in my consciousness aparatus


Probably you sit

Probably I notice it before I sit on it

Probably you notice it because you remember sitting on it


If I was capable of mentally backing up

--Isnít that how one negotiates a chair

--One backs into it


Donít forget-- itís my chair

Itís nobodyís cjair. Tatís what makes it a chair

Am I sitting on nobodyís chair?

(not sitting on it)

Nobodyís chair means itís never borrowed, even if itís utilized

Well, I didnít sit


I mean now

Now you sit

Eventually, yes, now keeps succeeding itself until itís the now Iím seated but not yet


This is true of everything under the sun


(Hides eyes)


I remembered that

The sun always comes out when one receives the appropriate mental blow to the forehead

(Other is going to chair, sits and falls)


Things must be c ollaborating against you

I donít believe that at all, I believe things happen and they get linked together only because we think about them in certain ways

Over which you do or do not have total control


Well, at the end of a long life, one looks back on things, and one has no idea whether one had any control over oneself or the contrary

You havenít classified the contrary

Could I




Have a seat

(as if seeing sun)


I wish I could be as open to experience as you seem to be

Oh, it was just a provocation. I was testing you

For what

It wouldnít be fair to say


Go ìOw!î

Iíd have no reason to do that

Try imitating mne





I feel foolish

See? Imitation is not particularly desirable

I wouldnít have except for your request

I know


Thatís your main problem--

I know

(Pause. Goes)

Bravo. Except-- what made me do that

(Thinks . exits)This isnít normal for me--


I donít usually let myself be lead by somebody elseís qualifications

I have none



No, but you try to inhibit my full response

If there was a full response coming from that side of the room--

No. Weíre both on the same side of the room



You just sliced it in half

Impossible. My language is like glass. It touches nothing


No. If it was like glass, it could still touch something, but it doesnít

Then itís as if it didnít exist

No, it exists, but it doesnít touch anything. Nothing moves.This isnít my career. This is nobody at home

But youíre home


Did I arrive here by accident.

Oh no, donít get any closer

I can surprise myself, but I canít speak for any collaborators

Life continues

I almost forgot


Have a drink

Where are they

I remember. You keep your liquor in that cabinet

Sometimes, when my friends run out, I rely on ingenuity

Youíre the kind of person who welcomes misfortune

No, donít say that

Nobodyís listening

Iím listening

Do you control your own life?


What a misfortunate

Thaytís why we need a drink

Itís no deeper

Ah, thatís because youíre relying on your language

I thought I was relying on--



Words fail me

No they donít, you just expressed yourself very well

Words fail me

ìWords fail meî

If I forget the number of times I have entered my room--

This room?

No. This is not remembered

I meant-- your room?


When I was in my room, I tried making it different by using my mental apparatus

How often did that work-- that stratagy--

Look. Itís working

I have nothing to look at

Why not


When I look into your eyes, the catagory I visualize is internal

Oh, but I think the exteriourr harmonizes perfectly

Is this wall picking up some kind of subtle vibration

Donít ask

Why not ask

If you pull whatís inside, outside

--I know, itís like pulling a fish outr of water, and as it lies there on the table, gasping for breath, one more mental universe slides back into some universal brightness that nobody else dares enter.

Whatís my room number

Pick a number


Double it


Put it inside your left pocket


Take another number, non-dividable into that first number and multiply them both by themselves and divide the toyal by three



No, Iím confused

Ah, safety in numbers

I feel quite the opposite-- exposed and vulnurable

But this is all happening inside your mental apparatus


Nobody gets through that particular door

--What was my room number?

This room?


I suppose

Youíll never find out from inside

(Other goes)

Now Iím alone for a minute.



I think Iíll take advantage of one more missed opportunity

(Whirls, music, falls)

Hopeful, but am I really?

You lost track


Maybe I could be persuaded--

To do what. I donít see persuading having a perminent effect

My personal style-- is that capable of changing?

Maybe-- if you receive multiple blows, but it would disrupt my composure

Try this

(offer drink)

Sweat appears on my forehead-- sometimes I daub it with alcohole

Then you must be very dizzy after all

You think I ingest the world through my forehead

Iím well aware, the brain travels to different parts of the body

Under stress

--Yes-- under stress

Thatís when I accept a drink

Stress benifits

--wait a minute

No, drink up

I said wait a minute. My stress is my valuable resource

Then we can share it

Pour yourself a drink

I never drink alone

Isnít that the point?

Oh? Only now-- I begin to see what you mean

(Pour 2nd, offer, they drink)

Did that make me forget whether or not we colaborated-- bottoms up

I hope thatís a version of upside down

It depends on whether or not youíre as agressive as I think you are

Bottoms up, but not until we know each other to the extent of really being able to exchange identities

Then I have a problem--

Really? Me too-- at least, thatís one forehead speaking to another forehead

Thank goodness


You know, Iím glad itís forehead to forehead we deliniate this situation

Yes, I wanted to take advantage of my own lucid tendencies

Thatís something I feel comfortable doing an imitation

Hold it-- imitations make me nervous


One more drink and Iíll start seeing double

(Drinks, other peeks)

Come in


Iím seeing double, but I want it to be a little more intense


That does it. Thank God, thatís as about as intense as it gets around here

(Holds head and laughs)

(After considering all possibilities-- I retreat


What makes you think I have a geographical consciousness

This I know. You reject all acquired wisdom

I exist in and of myself, but I move from the spot only with the introduction of foreign elements

If I say-- God--

This does not energize me when you say it, but if I chose to say the very same thing--

Íhow me


I always obey

Show me

(Pause) God God God--

You continue ad infinitium, whereas I just pointed to the word only saying it once

Notice how you shut me up

I had to


You might have gone on forever

I donít think that would be humanly possible

What would have made you stop


It would have been intuitive


God God God God God)