(they circle each other)

I do understand, I will not be able to save myself from certain magic words.

They occur very infrequently

Do you think so?


Are you going to tell me theyíve begun happening?


Are we under attack?

What makes them magic

You tell me


Oh? Thatís a new level of confusion

Iím interested in confusion because it lessens somebody elseís power over my person with a couple of magic words

One of those words could be ìmeî

Yes, it IS me

Thatís part of the confusion, when you repeat myself.

The word ëmeí is universaly applicable

--If you perform the correct mental operation

Doesnít everybody? Me.



--Donít you sense the difference between us, even when we use the same magic word?


Now you make me thinkl that perhaps Iím mistaken in my choice


But we also, in this bried period. let so many words pass-- I canít remember them all.

You donít have to remember them for the magic to function

True, but you said ëbe on guardí-- by implication. And now-- I probably havenít been on guard.


Choose a word

Any word



Make that the magic word


Be on guard

I donít know how, of course, to be on guard against a word

Use it


Now, be on guard against it



Now decide, of the two words youíve been paying special attention to, which has the most power


Is it good for you


Then try the other

Yes, but itís not as powerful


Maybe thatís because itís more powerful but you donít know how to protect yourself against it



Why did I say right instead of ëyesí

I donít know

I donít know either

Evidently, neither of us is able to save ourselves from magic words


Your turn




I donít think I said anything by my avoidance of unnecessary words or gestures.


Iím talking, but your language and gestures are not talking.

Iím gesticulating-- mildly-- you are not


What was that

That deliniates an area within which the rest of us speak, but the speech is, as it were-- off the record.

Oh please, spare me that little bit of pretentiousness


ìOff the recordî

Letís effectively eliminate certain of my words. Here is a roll of tape

Which words will this tape eliminate

It depends how one uses the tape


If your mouth is taped, all possible words.

No. Just some



Now-- you canít speak, but I can. So our conversation will be very one sided. The solution is-- change oneís consciousness of time, so that in the past, and even in the future, your words are part of the conversation weíre having in the present.


Thatís one of the words we didnít want to eliminate

(Gets small gift package)

I wonder if you can open this even if your mouth is closed forcefully


By tape

(Removes tape)

Youíre too far away

I expected you to come and take it

Even with a taped mouth


Then re-tape it

Iíll have to put the the present back I the drawer

Just put it on the table

No, then itís vulnurable to attack

Nobodyís going to attack it

Well, letís say a premature opening of the present

Risk it

(package on table)

Now Iíll take myself

(Other re-seizes package)

(Other comes and opens-- itís a watch, straps it on)

(Perhaps many packages & gifts?)

(stop and look at clock, at watch)

I know. They donít agree. Hereís the peobem. We should make them coherent. But it isnít in your catagory to adjst a clock that doesnít belong to you, and it isnít in my catagory to adjust a wrist watch youíre already wearig


So-- weíll just have to go on, being out of synch, wonít we--

(exit. Other sits, faces clock and blindfolds self)


He canít see, he canít talk, but he can still hear

(Strap pillows on ears. Music rises. Free one then dances, other coes to door)

Donít stop

No. As long as youíre watching me, Iím stopping

(Music rises-- 3rd dances, 2nd returns and dances, one with stuff dances)Know that inside the mind there is a second mind.

Look, look-- this jeweled container is the second mind;

or a representation of the second mind--

or a substitute--

Look, look--

how it trembles from the silence of invisible thunder.

This container never opens.

This container never opens

Here is the a second container which is the representation of the original containerWhy is a table a symbol of stability since a table can be easily destroyed by an ax or a second table

An ax I understand. But another table--?

Well, it can always be superceeded, in the sense that a table can be used for something, but then that same activity could be moved to another table

But that doesnít destroy table number one

Yes it does


OhProbably, this landmard decision (to

Oh, oh, oh, no need to confess anything

The numbers thathopscotch through my brain are very old numbers.

I- 2- 3- 4- I go on and on

Whose youth in on the line now, please?

Congradulations of a certain specifi verasity, ie-- Loud noises. Very loud noises

No one can do without the worship of their own-- well, shall we say-- secret part of their own mind?

Here is a mind, use it, but use most of all, itís secret compartments.

Now-- because they are secret, the manner in which one is able to access them, is secret also.

But there are ways to try, and some of the

ways seem to make use of the human body rather than the human mind--

but rest assure, it is the secret mind at work-- the secret mind.Experts are confused

Ellen was being psychoanalysed-- which enabled her to have wonderful conversations.

When she said something, her psychoanalyst would look to the side of the room and see an amazing light.

He looked into the light.

Experts are confusedExperts are confused. They ride mental elevators and discover themselves moving sideways. Are they in search of more intensity?

Of course.

They enter a late night bar -- but wait a minute-- where is the loss of life, the threat to equilibrium?

If it could be in a mental elevator, it could be here, also, lifting the glass of alcohol to dry lips-- this could explode into something else at any moment. This is no trick. Experts are confused, and now the peversity of their position is clear.I pick up this fruit. I taste it.

There is no way anybody else in the world can experience what I experience

(In row boat)

I say there-- may I have a taste of fruit?

Iíll be glad to offer you some fruit. But you have to realize that what you taste, wonít be what I taste

Oh-- similar, I should think

Similar-- I have no way of knowing. But it wonít be my experience youíll be sharing. You do realize you canít share my experience


Then maybe Iíll just row off

I canít offer you some fruit?

My rain-- is or is not working against me

Is this working aginst you?

Hide that

First-- take a bite

By all means, I chose to protect myse;f


I mean I chose to protect my brain, also

Letís do research

Brain research?

Letís do brain research.

(playing card packs, designs)I donít experect a reward

I donít expect happiness

I donít expect sexual favors--

I donít expect to be famous

I donít expect intellectual stimulation

Please donít open anything without saying this gift should change our relationship

First, I should tell you my name--

But why, since Iíve already revealed most of my secrets

I wasnít aware of that

Of course not-- because I didnít reveal them verbally. You should have been able to look deep into my eyes, and seeing what lurks-- should you have taken back your presents?

I never profit from my mistakes

You never make mistakes

You can tell?

Thatís my secret. Eye contact. Every one of my guesses turns out 100% correct

Then Iím glad weíve met


Iím the opposite, and opposites attract


I guess I said the wrong thing. Oh well, there are still several unopened packages. But Iíll save them for later

(exit)ìFind girls, attractive girls, who enjoy physicaly attacking each otherî. This was the content of the note, passed to me by the disheveled man with long white hair, muttering under his breath as I passed close by him on my way to the park.

Instead. I went into the room where the women were fighting. As they tore at each otherís flesh, I could see parts of bodies, discolored by scrapes and bruises. But at this tremendous moment, nothing else in the world seemed interesting to me.

Finally, I exited and looked at the sky.

I fought against the delicacy of my anticipation, and then when the event arrived, it was slices of raw met in the store window that surfaced against my eye like a plate of glass-- lifted whole, and shattered in the arena of my appitite. Can I tell you more about myself?

The woman in the white care rose and came toward me.

I hid from her. I hid from her

Her weapn fell into the dust at her feet, disolving in mid air--

From another angle, she turned beautiful, and I worshipped her by groveling in the dust amidst those invisible weapons that began sucking upon my body until I was ready to bite back, and I held onto her radient thigh, which twisted against me in the hot wind. Now-- I am deep into one of my disguises, I thought, and I meant-- really, really deep.Who was this ghost?

It was himself.

He rose from the floor, wearing his glass bubble suit.

This caught everyoneís attention immediately

He was probably protected from germs-- but was he protected from his desires?

Do you hate me? Do you hate me for my desire?

I could not answer. But I was not required to answer, because it was not to me that the appeal was being addressed

Try on this yellow suit

Is that the proposal?

This yellow suit will protect you from your desires

Biut I had no way of knowing whether or not this was the truth-- so indeed, I tried on the yellow suit

The yellow suit is my buffer against reality. That means, my desires turn into a magnet. And everything I desire, rushes toward me at tremendous speed, but that speed, in and of itself-- tranforms my desire into something very different from my desire and so it is no longer attractive to me even thought in a sense, it is still my desire.

So nothing else, you are condemned to be a prisoner of your desire even when it is transformed into something you no longer desire.

Then a man or woman knocked at the door and I was asleep suddenly-- the knock-- put me to sleep

What aspect of the knock on the door

Possibly the fact that the door was in another room, and so my hearing was not good enough to hear

But possibly something else


How did your desire happen to instal itself in that knock, knock, knock.

Say it again with your voice, rather than with knuckles hitting the door, and Iíll be able to tell your fortune. I mean your future

Knock. Knock. Knock

What youíve done, is to have just made me terribly conscious of the empty space between my legs


Come on, tell my future

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Hereís the answer. Your future is my past. Which is your past also

End the confusion

(a story is told. . .My desire is to discover relevent situations ad insert myself into those relevent situation

Please-- embrace me only if there is a secret involved

The secret involved is that I do or do not embrace you-- that embrace in limbo-- which can indeed be felt, mutually, inside two bodies at once

The secret is-- I have two bodies-- at the same time

I canít choose

Choose between them


Can you imagine my arms going in unimaginable directions

Now wait a minute-- letís put this table between us

(Done. one goes under, other over)

Help me up

Who needs help most

Help me u[

If I come over there, you should be able to lift yourself by starting out at my shoes. I mean-- making contact, and then lifting your body by pulling yourself with your hands that first get to the ankles, then the calves, knees, thighs, hips, waist, torso and soon-- youíre standing-- or at least holding onto me in a relatively upright position


I repeat myself. Help me up.

I repeat myself.

The world tried to be beautiful, and failed.

It was much like that for the idiot savant who, as he aged, was less of one as he was more of the other.

Arriving in the city of his dreams, a rather elderly gentleman reached out to touch his shoulders where wings were trying to sprout.

ìI wanted to persuade myself this was optical illusion only--î claimed the elderly gentleman. The idiot savant smiled because he knew better. He smacked the elderly gentleman across the face with his blond, bland smile and the elderly gentleman, whoís hair was of a whiteness that intensified blondness, as is shaking white now from his lion-like mane of hair, rose to the height of his contempt and exclaimed-- ìIf wings are to be imagined, they had better not bust myself in trying!î

In a flash, he was gone. The idiot savant was left-- writing his own obituary-- but of course-- several decades early.Oh idiot Savant, you know the names of streets. You too have dreams of changing your hair color. You too mingle addresses behind forehead so the vista of your own personality, well-- contradictory in nature-- just a smile at an inappropriate moment.

Why are you called the idiot savant. Is it because you fall over things you should never do more than anticipate?

The idiot savant changed his clothes. He was disguising himself for the fun fair.

ìThatís not fairî cried Marie. ìIf you disguise yourself, I want to know how to pick you out of a crowd, and that wonít be any fair.î

ìWhere we have to go, itís never crowdedî cried the Idiot Savant.

Does that mean far? Or less far.

Marie liked crowds, but the idiot savant certainly did not. If one was going to whirl on a carosel for instance, it should best be oneís private carosel. The numerous horses, unoccupied, were more, therefore, evident. And that could only be a logical plus.

The idiot savant was now disguised-- it was a very high degree of disguise. Everybody recognized him because of the excellence of his disguise which was more excellent than the hundreds and hundreds of rivals in disguise who, briefly, thought or dreamed they could rival the idiot savant.

But his celebration (remember the p[rivate carosel?) was therefore a failure. And the brilliantly colored horses, revolve as they might, did not move from the spot.Oh idiot savant, in the darkness of your eyes, knwledge like a drum whipped by the events that succeeded each other one by one in your radient atmosphere. The girl in the rowboat who tipped, the airplane fromage, the sugar doll of the accident at the drawbridge-- did you remember these different events only to erase them with the power of your re-interpretation?

The idiot savant whispered to himself and directed his telephone towards the moon. Then he saw reflected, his own face smiling and with the power of smiles he re-invented telephones for all nationalities. All were capable of promising him the rewards of what-was-to-be-the-same, his own pre-eminance, his own name on the moon in white letters, moon boulders arranged like the extended rays of alarge star, idiot savant himself in the center, face, name, hint, --what did it matter if all sympathetic telescopes were oriented in the same general direction?I have the means, certainly, to make you happy

What are your means?

Well, happiness, as you know, is unachievable

Over the long run, perhaps. But I myself have had moments of happiness.

Are you certain?

Well-- I think they were moments of happinessSomethings wrong. My hand isnít obeying my orders. Itís acting on itís own

I canít believe that

Look-- I tell my hand to move to my face


It did

Now-- I tell my hand to move to my face.

(Nothing happens)

See? Itís my hand that decides whether or not to obey my orders


Yes, a kind of nonsense


Do you fail to make sense of my demonstration

Just because you say something doesnít mean you MEAN something. You can say ëhand--moveí, but you may not mean it

What proves if I mean it

If the hand moves, you mean it. If it doesnít move, you didnít mean it

Hummm-- I donít know how I decide to mean something. I really donít know whatís inside of me when I say ìhand move-- I swear I feel the same degree of sincerity during the saying of it-- whether the hand does or does not move

Try this-- try moving it without saying ëhand move.í

(it moves to face. Then -- moves differently)

Well, as far as Iím concerned, thereís a mystery here

Are you trying to solve it?

I donít think thatís possible


Then itís not a mystery

Well, itís not a mystery because most of the time I forget itís a mystery


And a second mystery is-- why do I forget, most of the time, this totally perplexing mystery that in fact, informs every moment of my waking life.

No answer

Me neither. No answer

(Other goes)

What made him go. Mystery number threeIf I throw myself into violent activity, will you profit?

Yes. All of us will profit

Provide the explination

The explination is in the return to non-activityAgetha enters. . .Agetha lies down on the couch. . .sees trees in the window. . .then he comes. . .Agetha is swerving on the couch and her face blends into hundreds of other faces. . .then itís her face again. . .he is fiddeling with a microphone in the corner. . .she feels leather under her elbow and bare legs. . . he leans over her and a microphoe is in her face, close to her lips. . .tell me what you remember. . .she thinks about pushing the microphone away. . .she doesnít and it comes closer to her lips. . .heís smiling and she isnít.

This idiot savant-- could this be one of his memories?

Now that I understand how much pain Iím going to come upon, Iím moved to say ëthank youí in advance

Iíll never be able to answer your important questions

The question is, how can I free myself from my own well learned behavior

Donít believe this is true, never believe this is true

Go on-- go on--

Donít believe this is true. I am trying to find out about myself: but donít believe this is true-- what I find out about myself

What do you find out about yourself

Go on go on go on

No, you go on, you go on

What I find out about myself is I go on, I go on, but do you go on, I want to find out if you go on

Do we go on together-- together do we go on

Please please Please--but we go on without having to go on together. I do not want to go on together

But you do want to go on, you do want to go on

Yes, I do want to go on and look, look, I am going on, I do go on

Where are you now-- where are you, when you are here, now, where are you when it is now

I am now, in the hotel, that is this hotel-- called Radio Hotel. Radio Hotel. Why is this Radio Hotel

Please-- allow this to be a kind of adventure. This is a kind of adventure, so allow this to be that adventureLook -- this thing doesnít exist

What thing

You donít know about it?

How can I know about it if it doesnít exist

Look, the radio in this Hotel does not exist

The radio does not exist in the Hotel Radio?

It does not existInsolent, insolent fool

Do not think of me as an insolent fool. Perhaps I am an insolent fool, but I do notwish to be spoken of as an insolent fool

This is my right, to speak of you as an insolent fool

My table is well spread-- is it correct to speak of one as an insolent fool if oneís table is well spread

Your table is well spread, but you are an insolent foolHotel Radio. The play hotel Radio says I am now inside the hotel radio, even though there is no hotel and there is no radio, and there is no such thing as the play in the sense that the play is a character in this play-- but an invisible character.

So if an invisible character named Hotel Radio is in fact a character in this play-- that means the play must be imagined as being pulled from itís outside being into the inside being of this character.

But since this character is invisible-- well, the play is now invisible and there is no play--

The play says-- Hotel Radio, Hotel Radio-- I hear it saying Hotel Radio

Are you nuts?

Yes, I am probably nuts. That is to say- there are criteria outside of me-- gridlike-- in terms of which I could be determined nuts.

Not that I believe such criteria

The play says-- cast off parts of me are my best parts. Normally, when one looks through a suitcase-- one casts off these parts of the contents of oneís suitcase until one finds the item one is looking for-- and the discarded or cast off items are not the ones you are looking for but they are the best ones because you can use them and find them wonderfully becoming in the future perhaps. But the item you found and have been looking for, that item is always a disappointment.

It sounds like the play is wiser tha you are

No. We are exactly the same in the department of wisdom

What did you find


In your speaking-- what did you find-- did you find what you were looking for?

No-- I was casting out ideas-- but none of them were the ideas I was looking for

Iím sorry

Donít be sorry. Iím doing ok because the ideas I cast out were OK just like meThe play says-- before I was a character in the play Hotel Radio, I was the play Hamlet in the Hotel Radio. Then, after that, I was the play Man and Superman in the Hotel Radio, but now I am the play Hotel Radio

No-- I think you are the play that is sometimes a character in the Hotel

I am not. Why do you make the mistake of thinking I am the character the Hotel Radion-- I am no such play-- I am no such characyter. The character that I am, is simply a character in the play Hotel Radio.The grid on which my experience may be charted is not my experience

I want to make my play impenetrable, impenetrable because CONTRADICTORY at every moment

An impenetrable object=that narcsistically loves itself=in which everything that arises-- loves itselfIs it ok to be an aberent human being. Or. Is it the fact that every aberent human being is in fact inside another human being who is not aberent but is the same human being

The play Hotel Radio says-- I am an aberent play, in direct communication ith aberent human beings who are therefore no more or less averent than the play in which they occur-- but how can a human being occur inside a play-- this is something I do not understand, but of course how can a play understand things-- says a character in the pay called Hotel RadioI do believe this is the end of my reign here on earth

Oh? I donít know about that

About what

Your reign here on earth. I didnít understand you held that kind of power

I held that kind of power and now I do not

Do not, for a second time

My do not is not limited

How can that be-- everthin is limited

But a ëdo notí cannot be limited


Donít say that


I have the impression your reign is not over-- not yet

Iím sorry I said ëfool!î

Being sorry you said fool is ok, but it is not a ëdo notí situation

Ok, I was wrong

About what

My reign on earth is not over, and perhaps can never be over

Now that you recognize that-- here is a reward

(Kiss on cheek)

I donët need rewards in order to be happy

(exit)Ah-- and you do studying one, you do trying to get inside where there is no inside

How many versions of you exist

Hundreds of versions of me exist

Knowing that, Iím getting inside you just a little bit

Guess againI do find you most remarkable, after all


In what

Iíve caught your attention, which means, Iím the one caught

No, my attention is trapped

No, Iím smothered by your attention

So weíre both in trouble

(Pause. One goes)

He went, so I didnít have to


On the other hand, am I trapped? help

(in other door)

No. Donít come near me

(starts to go)

Wait, donít go


Now I have to say something to keep you from going

(Pause, goes)

Oh well, I can get out of this just as easily as he can get out of this

(Goes to door)

Except, I feel comfortable here. Trapped-- but comfortable. Ah. Being trapped is being comfortable

Hotel Radio is named Hotel Radio

The play named Hotel Radio says I exist, but I am not the imaginary thing called Hotel Radio. But since it is the play called Hotel Radio saying these words, is the play hotel Radio a character in the play Hotel Radio named Hotel Radio. Since whoever speaks in the play Hotel Radio, in order to speak, must be a character in the play Hotel Radio

I am a character named Joseph Martino and I am in the play Hotel Radio

Are you also in the Hotel Radio itself?

Yes, my character Joseph Martino is in the Óotel Radio as well as being in the play Hotel RadioPlease, allow me to be inside the play Hotel Radio

Nothing could be easier


You are now inside the play Hotel Radio

You mean--


Without knowing I was inside the play Hotel Radio-- I was already inside the play Hotel Radio

Certainly yes

If I am inside the play Hotel Radio, what I sould be able to hear is the play Hotel Radio, doing speaking

Listen to that speaking


When I stop speaking, I no longer hear the play Hotel Radio soing any speaking

To bad, because in spite of everything, the play Hotel Radio is still speaking

Maybe itís because there is no radio in this room


If there was a radio in this room, I could probably hear the play Hotel Radio speaking over the radio



It is really too bad there is not a radio in this room in the Hotel Radio * * *

Who now asks-- what rules there are that are the rules of Hotel Radio

How can there be separate rules for Hotel Radio, which is in no sense a kingdom unto itself


A hotel called Hotel Radio is by self-definition, a kingdom unto itself. If you donít believe that--

I donít believe that

You will be severly punished

How will I be punished

Do you mean, what form will your punishment take?

Thatís exactly what I mean


Your punishment willtake the form of rumors

Rumors about what

Runors about your punishment


I can think of different kinds of punishment that would cause me more pain than that kind of punishment

The most powerful aspect of punishment is not necessarily pain

I think pain is the most powerful aspect of punishment. Thatís me-- speakig personally

Not the Hotel Radio speaking through you


Then itís settled


Your punishment will be rumors about the pain caused by your punishment

Will people hear about this on the radio

If they have a radio

But is it a rumor if itís hear on the radio?

Itís a rumor if itís heard on some radios but not on other radios

Other radios-- radios that dont exist?

You put your finger on it

If some people donít have radios in their room-- then those radios could be said not to exist

But if they DO in fact exist, not inside the appropriate room--

In the appropriate hotel

Which is, of course, the Hotel RadioWhatís behind desire when something speaking is behind desire

Perhaps one day I shall understand all this idiocy

Perhaps one day-- clarity will be my clarityThe problem is as follows.
God is the most interesting object to talk about-- or at least-- to ponder in private

But since he doesnít exist, there is nothing interesting to talk about or to ponder

But clearly, you think he exists

No I don


You do

I donít

Then you wouldnít consider him the most interesting things to talk about or ponder

To that exitent, youíre right. But isnít it unfortunate when the most interesting and elusive and fascinating thing is the thing that doesnít exist, or does that make it more interesting




If it doesnít exist, the interesting collison between God and the mundane world of our mundane existence-- that interesting collision no longer exists-- so the subject is that much less interesting

We probably souldnít be talking about this


There are probably more interesting things to talk about

Such as?

is God watching?

It may not be necessary for God to watch

You mean because something important is happening

mean the opposite

Arenít important things important

Important things are never noticed


They are not important

Sitting in this chair is not im portant

Furniture is never important

Wrong. Furniture is very importantThis is not hiding from me

Whatís not

My words are not hiding from me


Probably you are not using real words

What makes words real or unreal

Ah, he thinks now we are about to find out something important. But the truth is there is no difference between important and unimportant things, and therefore I could easily switch subjects, and heíd say youíre changing the subject on me-- but he wouldnít be smart enough to realize I was changing the subject


As long as weíre going to change the subjecyt--

Donít you dare evemn THINK about that


What are you going to say next

Iíve forgotten

Then it must have been an uninteresting subject

No. Everything I forget-- those are the important subjects. Havenít you noticed?


You should have noticed, since you suffer from the very same problem

You know me that well

I know you hardly at all, but I do know that whatever I chose to say about you-- that actually changes you into who and what I think you are


Let me show you another side of myself

Whatever side you show me, thatís not whatís dominating my preoccupations

I have that kind of power over you

Of course, because your power over me is a mirror, and Iím always looking into mirrors


I wonder if Iím still a mirror, even if heís not here.

Now wait a minute-- If Iím still a mirror, everything should be invisible to me, and it isnít. I touch this wall-- itís really here. I believe that.

If I didnít believe that, I could pass through it-- using my own piostulated invisibility-- but that doesnít follow.

If I were invisible, would the world still know about me-- in the sense that it would give up being an impenetrable wall, just becxause of my own invisibility.

So if I am invisible to anybody-- itísmyself only. Aside from other people who at this moment happen to be otside this room.

Iím saying something-- I havenít reached final carity-- but Iím on the verge of something important, I KNOW I am-- and thereís nobody here to follow me in this discovery-- what a waste of time for everybody but myself. But thatís OK. I feel good about this.

(Exits, pause, return)

Oh well, back to the real world

(Exit)I think the hotel Radio has been trying to understand the world. The question ius-- what kind of understanding can the Hotel Radio have of the world, and does it resemble the understanding a human being can have of the Hotel Radio

Donít you mean-- the kind of understading a human being can have of the world-- itís that the appropriate comparison?

No-- between a human being and the hotel Radio, there is no appropriate comparrison

But you introduced the notion of their realtive understading--

Of things appropriate to their different realms.

A human being can try to understand the world

No. In trying to understand the world-- and I can see you believe you are engaged in such an activity-- what you are realy trying to understand is the truth concerning the Hotel Radio

Iím not even sure I believe in the EISTENCE of the Hotel Radio

What are you trying to understand about the Hotel Radio. Whether it truly exists?

I am not trying to understand that particularly

Nor is the Hotel Radio trying to understand, particularly, whether or not the Hotel Radio exists or is only said to exist


I thought you said-- and how would you know, by the way-- that the Hotel Radio was trying to understand the world

That was my way of explaining something


Ask me again


--Can you understand the world

No, I canít

You are not the Hotel Radio

I am one person, which is a different kind of entity than the entity hypothosized as the Hotel Radio

Yes. And a hypothosied being might, just mght, undersatand another hypothosized being-- since the two hypothosided beings can be said to exist in the same realm


The world of hypothosized beings

The Hotel Radio

At least you grant me real existence as opposed to hypothetical existence

Yes. Iím sorry to insult you



It would make you feel very bad to be insulted

No. It makes me understand the world that much better. The way it really operates

No-- this is information in the form of experience that takes place inside the Hotel Radio-- so what you understand potentialy, is the Hotel Radio and not the world itself.

And does the Hotel Radio understand something through the example of my experience

Yes it does

What does it understand, exactly

Not the world itself, but a reflection


An echo


Something spoken or articulated inside the Hotel Radio which is not the Hotel Radio, but has its source, invisibly, in the Hotel Radio, which is as invisible as is invisible the radio that is hidden inside the Hotel Radio




There are no radios inside the Hotel Radio

Well, letís just say-- we have never seen such a radio

Is it possible for me to discover whether a radio exists inside the Hotel Radio

Inside certain rooms of the Hotel Radio, a radio may or may not exist

Or, radios--

But as of this moment, you an I also, do not know. But as this is the moment that does exist, we can simplify this knowledge, and say simply-- we do not know. And this is the simplest and therefore most desirable form of this knowledge

So the state of knowledge we are in is a desirable state of knoledge


And we should therefore, think--

Think? No. Do not think the Hotel Radio, because the Hotel Radio holds quite different expectations, and these we can ultimately know, if we are willing to accept knowledge in the most simplified and purified form of knowledge, and I do think we accep this-- do you know why?

I think so

Right. Because we are inside--

The Hotel Radio



The Hotel Radio! The Hotel Radio! The Hotel Radio! Nothing to explain

Nothing to justify


Look, no hands!

Everytning is much easier than it seems. . .?

Try harder.

Only the superficial is true

True, but I donít think you really believe that

why would I say it

To impress me, of course

Isnít my desire to impress you superficial?

Yes, but by putting it into words, you trivialize it

The same thing, no?

No. To be suerficial is not the same thing as to be trivial. Figure it outApparently I am not allowed pleasure


It really bothers me to hear birds outside


What? There are no birds inside

You hear them, you are inside


It really bothers me to hear birds in the city

Thatís a radi. A RADIO, a radio, a radio

Push on--

Thatís a radio IN THIS ROOM.

Your eyes are very powerful

This is the roomIf you ask for the impossible, you get it

I get it

Calm down

Donít I look calm

You look excited

The more I look calm on the outside, the more excited I get on the inside

Whatís inside me is alive, rather than deadI knew that my life was only half successful, so I resolved to live more, to throw myself into a variety of experiences

Oh Benita Canova, are you ready to endure lots ofpain

Maybe that wonít be necessary

How can you think such a thing

Maybe I can axcess my anti-pain mechanism in painful situationsOn such an afternnon, when my very hands themselves wept tears at the softness of things they did touch--

You can never have enough of me--

Hereís what I delight in-- the eye-- seeable after all

Iím looking into that eye

And Iím touching a very soft quadrant of flesh with my own quadrant ability hands of similar flesh

Careful-- your expectations are no different from my ownWould you like a Connecticut burger for your dinner


Even if it were free?

A Connecticut burger has no ideas about freedom--

Yes it does--

Bite it and find out

If itís going to be your dinner, you should be the one doing the biting

I did bite-- often-- but it was not a Connecticut burger that was on those occasions, the repository.



Just suppose, I re-defined the food opackage that you unknowingly conceptualize at the beginning of each dayPlease, please, please. I have a word stuck in my head which is please, but the word isnít please but another word, hidden behind the first word.

What word

PleaseOh, I donít think this is my normal behavior

Youíre not doing anything special

You mean, you canít read my mind

If I could read your mind, youíd know about it

This hurts

What hurts

Donít ask me to be more specific

Does more specific mean-- more hurt

(machine in)

OK. Put your arm in these two openings

Will it hurt

Absoluteluy not


Youíre right. It didnít hurt

1-2-3-4. Now. Does it hurt?


(arm out-- siezed)

Ow! Why did you do that

I was making up for the failure of my machine


I think itís life that causes one pain

Have you suffered

Life has made me suffer like everybody else

Has life provided you with happiness, like everybody else


Ah, a genuine American

I donít think Iím limited by my nationality

Carefgul, youíre starting to slip between catagories

Iím going to come back tonight and slice you to pieces

Donít say that even in jest

Have I slipped bedtween your catagories


Get up please

I canít answer you because I fell down

All that means is you have a different perspective


(What I did most of all was hurt my nose when I fell down)

Could I get a nose job

You want your nose fixed?

No. Itís OK as a nose-- but I want it altered, not fixed

I think it has to be fixed


Itís not the shape you want

No. The shapeís fine, but I want to alter the function

Of the nose



I quit

(Goes. Pause)

That must mean, tereís a lot of periferal power in this nose of mine

OK. Close up shop

You mean-- theater

Yes I do

(Turs chair)


This isnít reall a chair

Who cares


This is irrelevent to my life. One hundred per-cent

Careful-- nothingís one hundred per-cent

Oh yes there is-- there is one thing and just one thing that is one hundred percent

What is that one thing that is one hundred percent

You have to find out for yourself, because If I tell you, it wonít have the same power as finding out about it for yourself

Ok. God

That is irrelevent to my life

Well-- if weíd been around say 200 years ago-- it wouldnít have been so irrelevent

Donít you notice anything?


We just zipped backwards in time

200 years

Not quite

OK. Then we close up shop

Wait a minute-- 200 years ago-- the theater seemd very important indeed to civilized society

(Louis 14 in)

Itís Hotels that donít seem important

Radios didnít even exist 200 years ago

But theyíre important, however


Theyíre on the verge of existing

Wait a minute--


Iím on the very of something

(HOTEL RADIO set in big letters)

God damit, this is irrelevent to my life.

You donít even know the first thing about what your life about because you are Mr Not Well Informed on the subject of your own life, so shut up and try to figure it out!