Supreme beings: pg


The activity of thinking is no longer to be thought of

As the revelation of a secret,

Nor as an illumination, nor as a claification

But rather—just what it is—

An unfolding,

The unwinding of something that is tangled, wound up,

Gathered together in some enigmatic whole.



There is a secret here with no solution


Everything here is goverened by lightening

Careful, in such a world it is necessary to learn the trick of remaining with one’s mind full of trembling expectation

Poised to sieze on the first and smallest indication of something happening—just outside the realm of habitual consciousness

In such a world, learn to be someone who turns him or herself into nothing, in order to to the present and all of its enigmas, a person who who silences his or her own desires, his or her own untidy affections and his or her own deeply held opinions—in order to avoid placing obstacles and misleading screens in the way of understand history’s current manifestations

Careful, uncover an art which, rather than striving to mimic nature, seeks to create tings that are independent of it, endowed with an equal dignity and autonomy, that are as things, among things

Careful—in such a world, learn to cast off one’s subjective pathos, to strip oneself of any arogance, any pretension to be the master of things, and instead, take one’s place as a thing among things

Careful, learn to read such things as a single, continuing inquiry into the so-called ecstatic states. Be very careful.

Careful, careful, in such a world—guard against that tendency to identify the real with what conquors and triumphs in the world.

In such a world, awake to the principal of free substitution, or interchangeability, of the ability to swap every element for another element. The world viewed as a vast combinatory system in which all things high and low, organic and inorganic never cease to trade places and to merge.

Careful, do not understand the bewilderment of reason as an abdication of thought, but as an intensification of its possibilities, a route of access to straightforward, bare existence

Careful. The world is full of demons, and it is necessary to discover therefore, the demon in every ‘thing’.

For a brief period, live a life that is completely different, very intense, very centered, and therefore more real than life itself

This is like discoveig America for a second time.

I’m going into a new territory. Correction. My time is up.

You think death is close

No. I didn’t mean that

It’s close

It’s close, but it’s not close until it’s close. Correction. I’m turning a corner

Correction. You’re back where you started

Well that’s good, because now I can take a giant step forward withoutout ever leaving home

I want to have strong experiences but the thing is—I want these experiences I have every day—n0ot to change, but to be strong experiences without changing what they are

You mean—

Yes, things like sitting down to my next meal.




Right. This is home

For the moment

Correction. This is just one of those things you seem to be calling this oment—but I intuit lots more

Does that mean, lots of moments are your moments

Correction—I’ll let you do the talking

Here it is



Your long lost piece of paper

Ah—some of my best ideas are written down on this piece of paper

Recognize any

How would I know ifI was recognizing them oer re-inventing them

Correction. What’s the difference

I better gp


On one of my many adventures


I could skate but I don’t. My feet are self-regulating machines

A body in motion is potentially—a brain

I live in the future (the next ten seconds)

It’s the SHIFTS. The PLUNGE into a whole new area

I get to the suspension point. Then I PLUNG into something. . .new

You better not look in that cabinet

Why not

Needless to say

Needless to say

You’ll find things that are less than satisfying, buy wich I mean nothing

Here is a man with nothing in particular to think about

This is always the case

Let’s give him something to think about

You can’t see it

You can’t touch it

But it’s real

You can’t see it

You can’t touch it

But it’s real

Who am I?

I exist in a realm where no mistakes are possible

Careful. There are rules that must never be broken. Some of us are trying to understand those rules

Never relax

Never relax

The best place to live

Is the place that doesn’t make you dream

About it’s secrets

I will never allow myself to be unhappy

I swera

That I shall live forever

Careful, Everything conspires against you

This is a wonderful feeling—this energy is your birthright

Things you don’t like

Can be revelatory.

Look deeper,

Turn inside out

Please, open the door of your choice

And be prepared

For one more misses opportunity.

Thank God, you never lose

You never lose

Whatever you do

Don’t live in a desirable city.

Soon, it’s aura will vanish

And at the same time

You will never be able to leave that desirable city

Help me please—to come to terms with myself

Why dhould I bother to do that, No. How should I do that

Oh, all kinds of food. I shall of course be self-digested. First.

You first

I have no time for this

I have no time for this nonsense

        1. more times

Let’s cover this material really fast

Ok Doctor. I’m ready for one of two possibilities. A haircut, or having a toth pulled. Now—which of those possibilities interests you

If I’m allowed to use a local anesthetic--?

Of course

Then I’d prefer giving a haircut


(It doesn’t hurt. It doesn’t hurt at all!)

I can’t think this. Situation

Not that it’s such a complicated situation, but instead odf thinking—I’ve developed a NEW faculty. What do I call it

Yes, what do you cann this new facilty

It’s about something happening at the bottom of the page. Thinking has been an event that has now passed

What do you call this new faculty. Do you need time to come up with an answer

I don’t need time

Do you have to think about it?

I don’t have to think about it

I like to think aout the small building blocks that make things. I like to think about small, simple building blocks, that make big things

I look into your eyes. I see EVERYTHING.

When I see EVERYTHING, I feel god

I feels so good when I see EVERYTHING

Who cares, now

I open a window. I see the city, glittering in the street. But how is that possible—because the street is inside the city.

So how can I see the city

Glittering in the street

Here’s my idea—

I made a mistake. How do I live good after making a mistake?

Point at something. I can do that, I can point at something

The delay of gratification is gratification. Rule number one, the delay of gratification is gratification

Flirt promiscuously with subjects,

As if they were women

That’s my routine—ok?

OK. Civilization demands more than it gratifies—Get it?

This rhymes.

This rhymes with what.


What rhymes with what

This is an echo.

It bounced off something else in a different realm of being

--what realm of being

--echo. Echo

What just happened is a manification. Magnification of something invisibe made visible

More from less—that’s my modus operndus. More from less

Playful means evil—thank God—playful means evil

Living without proof—but still living—ok?

Something is beautiful not because it contains some particular motif. It’s beauty s in the co-mingling of all it’s motifs

Absence of goals—Now I’m doing OK?

Information only exists when consumed, right?

When it dies—that’s how it exists.

Information dies to live, just like me?

No, I’m not like that, thank you. I am not information—OK?

Selection by consumption, that’s how life works, OK? Selection by consumption—profligate creativity

Hey—nature needs sex so that things can change, get it? Nature needs sex so that things can change

Variation upon variation upon variation. There’s nobody else in control, OK?

Don’t focus. Don’t focus please.

To keep important things at least semi-visible—

Don’t focus

Put together un-related ideas—it works.

Put together unrelated ideas,

Find out of that works, because it works

It’s fun to defy gravity in a roler-coster

It’s full to defy meaning in the same way.

Don’t focus—I.E. Don’t focus!

Ok. But I’m SUFFOCATING without lost of meanings instead of one single meaning

Low focus thought. Low focus thought

Here’s the problem. A lack of resistance to the present is the problem. Resist the present. Resist the present>