(Blackboard: written is 'pivot')

Being human, I pivot on the knowledge I know very little, indeed


Yes. Pivot

Cross out that word


Now, read it





Could I make a suggestion?

Why don't you pospone the suggestion


Too late

There was obviously something wrong in the way that I read the word 'pivot'


That's more like it

Shut up, please

Do you mean-- go back in time?

(Pause. Professor erases)

Now, write it again

(He does)

Now, add to it

(He x's it out, then he erases that)


Wouldn't somebody like a drink?




You too



(she makes them)


Notice, I didin't have to ask myself, I just included myself


These can't be real questions.

What else?

These are just thought up by somebody. Tests

Well-- no. There wasn't much THINKING behind it


Yes and no


Why so indescive?

I'm more comfortrable in that position, yes-- but I think also, it enables me to be more accurate


Hold on tight

To what

Well-- what do you around here to hold onto. Me for instance?


Well, suppose I came over to you and held on.

There's still a wide spectrum of choice

P: (Pause)

How many times have I told you, Melinda is a very sensua; creature, who encourages aberant behavior, thew more aberant, the more rewarding

Wrell, I'd rather fulfil my own fantasies, rather than somebody elses


Why? --Oh, I know why



Well, the minute I have a fantesy, it's no longer mine, is it


It immediately floats out there in that never-never land between the three of us

Oh, more than three are involved, rest assured

Is there a reason to escape?

You can hardly do otherwise. It happens automatically

(S erases)

I think it's already been erased--

It was still visible

But we knew it was effectively erased, so even if we glanced at the blackboard casually, we didn't see something calling for attention, we saw something erased.


As if it didn't exist, in other words

In spite of that, I feel like I accomplished something

Well, in another realm perhaps.

I just heard a voice. It said 'the numbers are numerous'

That seems self evident

Self evident to hear a voice, inside one's head?


No what

What did it say

The numbers are numerous

Well-- numbers by definition

--that could be the surface intrepretationWhat I want

above all

is to be a place

from which truth

--and now we have a problem--

truth, what?

Flows, builds


I want to be a place

through which truth passes?

Well, everyone is.

But when it passes through me--

to strip its protective cloak

to reveal it

as it tries to pass in secret.


why does it try to pass in secret?


Revealed. It takes the momentary shape of something it is not?

If actors speak this,

then it no longer happens.

I want to be a place trhough which truth passes. Did I get that right?

(Goes text and reads)

I want to be a place through which passes

Turn the page

I think I'd like to linger over this page a bit longer

Turn the page


What does it say.

No. That's my line. What does it say

Eat me


(Page ripped off and eaten)

Now-- do you consider yourself a place through which truth passes? Or more accurately-- do I consider you a place through which truth passes. Well-- you won't know the answer to that because you can't get inside my head.


You can make guesses


What's a guess. Now-- this is very interesting. What's a guess.


Jesus christ-- this is the most interesting thought I've had in a long time. What's a guess.


Jesus christ. This is the most interesting meal I've had in a long time. What's a guess.I want to be a being, out of which truth courses, like lightening striking a drum

This food must be transformed.

Into reading. Or read-ability.

The reading must be transformed into food

I want to crack open and pour out truth, but I pour out nothing.I want truth to pour forth.

Does it have to be from my mouth? I wonder.


It's for this reason, inter-action between us, stops


Can truth come from two people? I think not

Truth about what

If it's about something, it's not truth

Why not

I'll explain, but don't confuse my explination with the truth


If it's about nothing-- what it's about eats it, and the truth, eaten, just turns into part of what eats it-- ie. the thing it's about

I don't know if that's true

It's not true, it's an explination, even if it's a fairly accurate explinationTruth pours. Truth cracks open the landscape by not speaking its own name. Truth is silent, for if it speaks, it baffles the receipient, fuzzing the ear, fuzzing the eye, fuzzing the mind. So kind, cruel truth is silent, and works in secret, where real proliferation can take place.The most important thing


I'll say this.

The most important thing can't be said because the speaking of it, makes it never again available.


Time passes.

He who, after experience has faded, returns; to the realm in which the feet were placed.

The agitation as the remark that launched a thousand faces into their extremem grimaces of grief and transformed grief--

building a world of intricate human relationships

that only a detective magician could figure.

The empty space of his hunger.

That's what he uncovered.

But so unveiled, who could come into real being. Who could cry more than the one who did cry-- tears of a particular drift, that sailed feeling into a space where feeling, stumbling like a child, reversed all the rules.

(You have the feeling it means something, but you don't know what. That; giant fascination,

that; lift of agression that eats by planting an idea in the very correct field)

You can't handle me, is the meaning I'm trying to get across. But when the right energy rises-- all sinks into the same right/wrong reason, and song is singing to itself, singable as full song.

Suppose. . . everybody vanished.

OK. Now: what do I have to deal with.

I have to deal with myself in relation to something very different.

I have to deal with myself in relation to. . .leave that blank, thank you.If I went crazy, my problem could be solved

My best ideas are those that turn against themselves when clarified

Enough energy was released, to make of a major committment to the truth, the truth.

This clocked out

Vortive aspects of my dilema. You have to be into aberant things in order to be into straight things. Wanna bet I can pull it off?

I sum your vortex

What you split with me, faxes falseWhat rolled into his life was. . . not rollable

Isn't anything, potentially--


Yes. With resistance. If I tried to roll this table, for instance.

Is it possible that you--

Anything is possible

I don't care to DROWN in this arena.

Without water

Ah-- water can be transported. It can become a dominant feature

Shall I freshen--?


Are you certain this relationship works?Are you waiting for the phone to ring?


Ring it does not. Nevertheless, your attention remains. Focused. Glued, almost

Why was I waiting for it to ring?

It's a good exercise

I suppose something inside me is being strengthened by that exercise

You tell me

And I don't. And that's the very muscle that's strenghtened.


Notice how I can make my eyes converge on any particular object in my field of vision?

Here's what would be more useful.

To make them converge on an object not in my field of vision


No. Not further. Not behind my head, or to the side-- just not in my field of vision


Let's say-- about three feet in front of me, at waist height.


Anything interesting in that paper?

I try not to read it

Right. News is a distraction. I agree

Was that the ohone?


I thought I heard it ringing

Well, if it did it was too soft for me to hear


Maybe focusing on that object that's outside your field of vision, well, maybe it caused an auditoru hallucination

I wouldn't, then, call it a hallucination. I'd rather say-- has it ever happened some time in the past

That it rang?




Don't answer. That's my advice

Oh, that's a tough one.

(Stops ringing)Suppose-- just suppose--

Suppositions aren't your cup of tea

As deep as it gets, and no deeper

That's funny


That's my level of vibrating also



(both laugh)

A trade. Happiness for energyIf it's true that your bell is broken--

Would I lie?


If it's true. How do you know when to recieve visitors

Notice. Few come

How did I get here?

Now THAT, IS problematic.


How did you get here

Let's say, I insinuated myself

That's a technique I'm not familar with


Does it bear any relation to doing imitations?

Any relation. Let me think about that


"Nice day" -- who am I imitating?

Maybe you're just truing to insinuate yourself into my good graces

Could be

So my question is answered?

I think it was MY question



Ah, now I remember it. You asked if it was a nice day

Typical kind of question


You'd like to come up with a non-typical kind of answer

I'd like to be released

From what

From this. . .particular form of social entrapment

My boy

(Leans forward)

Nothing could be easier

Run that by me a little more--

A little more what?

(Song-- X never frightened me?)Have you checked your shoe laces?

Not recently

Tied or untied

When I check-- or when I tied them, upon putting on my shoes-- tied.

Still tied

I have every reason to believe so

That means, if you walk, your shoes will not be falling off

I should think so

I should think so too

Pure poetry in that


Travelling around. Shoes well secured to the feet


But don't you think checking them would be in order

Excuse me for a minute (looks). Everything is quite all right



I have the feeling, these shoes are such, even if the laces came undone-- the shoes would probably remain in place. On the foot. They might flop about a bit, but they wouldn't fall off.

Then you're in good shape

Yes, I am


Shoe wise.I walked by this door several times, without having the courage to enter

Enough said? I should think so.

If I could manage to lift from this position, and I could-- what might be revealed to me.

(Hooked. Lifts)

What came true? Ah, nothing came true (Music)

You and I don't have any trouble maintaining a peverse relationship

Tell me another story-- make it more powerful, please

OK. Here's the situation. I forget everything, everything I ever said, everything I ever experienced-- and now I'm into magic.

I see very little evidence

I'm about to give you a demonstration

I'm waiting

Hey-- this is the demonstration

Excuse me if I don't get it.

(Opens book, reads) Butte Montanna, Boisie Idaho--

I thought you said no more getting it from books

You don't understand-- this isn't a book. This is a telephone book

(phone rings, music out)

Is that magic or is that mot magic

Pick it up

Are you kidding? And spoil the magic?

(Goes back to book, reads off more names)

I'd be worried, if I were you, about what's happening to your karma

This is white magic

Led me tell you-- the difference between white magic and black magic is just this MUCH

(Holds her fingers apart)

Don't move


I want to remember you like that


It was a very powerful position

You just don't want to be reminded of your karma


Answer that

I made a decision. I don't answerWhat could be the reason for revenge on such a scale.

Equal to the thing itself

Equal to rain

Equal to the postman

Equal to cerial

Equal to radio waves

Equal to smiles

Equal to forgetting things

Equal to the thing itself

Know my power and become invulnurable

Know my power and manifest what is not presentI choose the lamp

I choose the floor

I choose the chair

I choose the book which rests in the chair

I choose the space behind my body

I choose the small helicopter

I choose the flowers

I choose the uprightness of the wall to my left

I choose the oxygen

I choose the machine that enters and whirlsWas there someone in the room who was not here before

Was there someone who spoke my name by waving his hands

Was there someone without an expression on his face who smiled

Was there someone who lied by lying

Was there a king

Was there an animal

Was tghere a pastry chief with no taste who turned out pastry

Was there somebody who looked like me in a costumeGive me air

Give me something to eat

Give me gloves

Give me an idea

Give me silence

Give me a drum

Give me a key

Give me a nameYou think this is a pen. But it can also be used as a hypodermic needle. It can inject fluid into the vein.

Symbolicly, yes

No-- in fact

It's not very well designed for that purpose

It isn't designed at all

It's makeshift

It can function the way I've described. Watch


Now. The story-- or poem-- or whatever the hell it was--is really inside me


What else can I do with this pen.

I found a real hypodermic needle. I could probably use this thing to write a poem.

(Fills it, writes)

Let's see what I could use this pen for. I could, if I still possessed an old fashioned radio, use it to replace one of the radio tubes-- but of course, nowadays radios have transistor circuts.

Just use the pen itself as a radio. That's how I was going to use this hypodermic needle

(Pause, holds up)

It's bound to receive something, music, messages, static that's coded

I'm going to use this table leg for a penis

I don't want any details

I'm going to do it later. You don't have to watch.


Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll use it as an airline icket

(Rips off leg)

Unfortunately, it won't fit in my picket where I usually keep airline ticketsI see no point to the extended statement. What I have to say if brief-- like a flash of lightening. The word spoken: like a crack of light.


You see? Everything got touched by that word

A color rubbed off on everybody's fingers

Why everybody?

Are you running away from me?

I have a certain weight, being here

I need to re-be you

I need to re-be you

These people facing us would be happier if we served refreshmentsOn a sunday afternoon, subjected to a certain quality of light. . . oceans of aprons. . . .quarrels of quarks. . . the game board had better be revealed.

(Uncovered, swept to floor)

Time to play, by dis-play.

Touching was so aberent to us

Killed by kisses.

If certain words sound like certain other words-- who's the best to guess.

My meaning can only deepen. That's its finding itself level, at last

Oh snake, troubled as you are. Can confetti--

Let me part.

Hips hold when the major rain--

Nothing in the connection--

Double daughters who doubt me--

The slight, slipped through.

What is this


What is this

I don't know to what you refer


This is an idea that is not allowed to come into existence. Its power is not, thereby, minimized. It still exerts power.

What idea is that


This is an idea that doesn't exist


I make the leg of this table vibrate. And failing to do so-- something writes on my forehead in letters of fire-- affirmation


Affirmation of the important clock.

To grapple with this, is to grapple with the truthWhat in me, vanished

Having just arrived. Knowing not 'rules', 'laws'. The ettiqute of the situation--

How can you say-- having just arrived

Is it not true that, here, day after day, you come for a meal?

I'm never satisfied

The law here-- is one method of organizing the day

(Pause, other confused)

There's no connection. There's no connection here to the outside world.

Count your blessings

There is no outside world. There is an opportunity to build from scratch


(fruit in)

I'd like some fruit

(Phone rings)

I think the outside world is trying to break through

Well, I just won't let that happen!

(Servant) Some of us don't have an easy go of things

Eat fruit that's left over when I finish

Will that be enoigh for a whole lifetime?

Wait a minute! It's very hard for me, or anybody-- to think in terms of a whole lifetime

Some people manage

Anyway-- if I do that-- what comes up is death, death at the end. Then in retrospect, earlier events seem trivial.

I take it back


The fruit

(different cards up)

Could it be a card trick

It could be a way to jump from one logical catagory to another

An object might serve the same purpose.

(Lamp set down)

Could everything go with everything else, literally. Is this possible.

Could I ask for this pineapple. This pineapple. Adorable; but if I were the receipient. Let me ask, without having to commit myself. . .to real asking

Why not.

Isn't it adorable?

If I don't have to ask. . .then, it's adorable.I'm lost in language

If you're lost-- where are we?

That's easy. You're here sitting in front of me. Aren't you aware of the fact I lied?

Don't be so hard on yourself

Chop off this hand that offended

Isn't it the tongue?Tell me sir. Can you see the sun, dripping like gold honey, down the face of the building across the way?

I wouldn't describe it like golden honey, but like a blast from an oven.


It doesn't matter how one describes it. Let's put on our regalia.

"The begining of the cerimony is upon us"Tell me, tell me

why do you wear that

iron mask.

Only because I'm in love with sleep

Tell me why are the eyes visible

Because the world exists to be eatenHere, try on these hats

None of them fit

Are you sure, or are you arbitrary

I can only juggle with the paraphenalia you provide

Don't expect me to hamper you

I don't. I still move in any and all directions

It must be insight

What insight

Your tremendous insight.


I got lost

It wasn't my doing

You lost me

It wasn't my idea


If I say, scrape a plate clean, does it situate me as an instruction, or do I develope a kind of insomnia that has no way out

Your truth is too true to be believeable by anybody except another exception

That's what I like to be


Exceptional.Chance? A game of chance?

Try using that other door--

What do you mean 'use', when you say use it

I didn't say use 'it', I specified, use the door

(Pause- done and bounce off)

I could have opened it, right? I chose not to

(Pocket, out thing)

Here are different objects wrapped in tissue paper

I can only remember one of them

Remember? How can you remember what you haven't seen

Aren't we talking about . . .a flavor?

Ah, now I understand

Show me

(Goes, bounces off door)

I'll have one of those objects, please. Immediately. You make the choice

(Given, unwraps)

It's a pebble


I'm going to put this immediately in my shoe

You do that

I will


Stand up

I'd rather not. At least not immediately

Still-- you must wonder what's on the other side of that door

Not really

"The outside . . .world. . .

I already experienced that

You mean, tried the inside-out

I get it

I get it. All I have to do is reapeat what you say, and we're effectively, in tandum




Is there a weak link in this particular chair?

Excuse me

(goes, bounce on door)

Does that get into a private history book?

It's a question of learning appropriate languages

I think I can do that--

Don't be sure-- this language-- doesn't use the body. What I mean to say is-- there are no DOORS, into the BODY, through which this language can pass

Maybe its enough if this language collides, as it were, with the exterioous of the body

Oh? Where's that?


Something just caught my eye when that--

On the other side of that door.

What's that?-- I don't quite follow you, I'm afraid

Take my hand.

Close my eyes?

I'll lead the wayDid I do this a second time, once--

It could be now

It's never what I think it is

Congradulations. I think I'll put the laural wreath directly on your head for my benifit

For my pleasure

For your pleasure and my benifit

Will I-- wait a minute-- I get this. I'm going to lead you into the promised land without even knowing I'm doing it

Anybody would do

But here I am

You're so good at it, because this is your second time around

Then I guessed right

See why I choose you?

This thing is too tight

Then take it off


Does that make a difference?

I should say "You tell me". But I won't. I'll just slide where I want to

If I had more control over my mental faculties--

What? Where are these things you're talking about

My mental faculties--

--Shh. You name them, they turn against you

That's been your experience?

I don't have any. Experiences.

Don't think I'm correcting you, I'm just turning away from a door that promises nothing

I thought you said 'eat', and I turned my direction, I mean my head, in the direction of--

What? Head? Direction? Door? You throw many different ideas at me, and I put up my hands but is it catch or self-defense

(In pockets)

Please, let's share a moment--

I don't want to see that object unless the lights are out

There's no light in my pocket, it doesn't penetrate.

But you were about to extract it

Then I won't. I'll just keep my hand on it

What was it


A lucky coin

I thought it was something else

Then it's ok if I show it



Here it is. Heads or tails



You made it give inconclusive results

Neutral. The kind I like best


Hello-- scrambled eggs

I expected that OTHER door to open

It proved wrong. Here are no scrambled eggs--

I must have forgotten to put them on the plate

(They are there, in fact)

That's all right. I'm starved, so I'll eat

(she goes)


Was she in here and was it brief

Don't ask

That's all I can do. Ask

Someimes, when the radio doesn't add background noise-- I'm in a bad mood

Like now

Like when I loose count

Of what

Oh, you fill in the blanks, please.


You're biggest mistake was where you started. Starting at one, SEEMS logical-- but in fact



Where should I start

If you figure that out, you get very smart very fast

I won't even imagine what that's like

Wait for a number

(enter again)

I was wrong-- all along there were three servings of scrambled eggs-- ready for delivery

They weren't eaten, you see, when they should have been eaten

They got cold

Wait a minute. Three servings means six eggs

If they're cold-- let's forget about it

No problem


(To one who left)

Don't say it!


How come there's no radio

Since this is called the Hotel Radio, I would expect there to be a radio


Did you ring?

Yes. Since this hotel is named The Hotel Radio-- I'd expect to have a radio in my room

As far as I know-- there's no significance to the name Radio. It's just the name of the hotel

Yes, but a radio-- should be here. In this room

I don't understand the SHOPULD sir.

The name is the hotel radio

Yes. But you can't see the name from inside the hotel.

I can see it on this piece of stationary. I can see it on this postcard--

There you are

But I can't see a radio

There you are

Can't we do anything about this?




I'm neutral


What I mean is-- whatever gets said in this room, passes right through me. No problem/

(Up to door, bounces off)

No problem?

No problem

But you had a collision

It wasn't willed.

So it wasn't a collisionWhat I can bring back from my day exploring the city--

it vanishes.

The city might have been endless. On the other hand, it might have been a disappointment.

That is one of the reasons I so miss having a radio in my room.

If there was a radio in my room, I might, now, turn it on for myself,

hear, intuition-wise, what I missed, or lost, in my meticulous exploration,

turned back toward me,

nothing like memory you understand,

but instead like a broken self, a broken me,

and in those cracks,

the wind of real things at last, through a radio--

in here, unheard,

and so. . .I re-imagine a world entire,

living the rest of my life forgetful, asleep,

sensing whatever puspose I picked up when I slid backwards into the wrong door titled "obligation through this door'

and I was in the lost and found department again,

but it could never be decided whether it was the land of the lost,

or the truly,

FOUND at last.

The hotel Radio, and now I'm imagining it--

Is that why you're holding your temples

Well, my fingers are pressed to my temples, but that isn't necessary in fact. What I wanted to say was--

--You said you were imagining it

That was a ruse. I just wanted to take the edge off just saying it


I wanted you to believe me. Not to believe becessarily what I was saying, but to believe me.

OK. I believe you

The hotel Radio-- exists. Not very far from a bridge or aquaduct. That kind of structure. And that proximity, makes it ok that when I picture the hotel radio in my mind's eye, I see no radio tower or antenna on the roof of the hotel Radio.

The bridge?

It's a railroad bridge, or an aquaduct

Its as if that substitutes for the transmitter that isn't there

Right. Things arrive or depart along the directional thrust of that structure. So the actual radio aparatus, gets folded inside another structure. Even if the trains no longer come. Even if the water no longer flows through the plumbing of the hotel radio.


Do you ever hear the trains at night?

I don't think so.

When you approach the hotel Radio and see the hotel sign---

The hotel sign just says "Hotel". The name, hotel Radio is visible on the brick wall that rises without windows to the right of the enterence, set back over the first three floors, painted on the wall though in letters that have faded considerably. Hotel Radio.

Then it's possible, since, as you point out, the letters have faded. that this is no longer the hotel Radio, but was-- once upon a time.

You see the startionary on the table.


It says hotel Radio on the top of each sheet of writing paper

Left over from the past?

I don't think so. After a day when I've written many letters, and exhausted the supply-- the next day, inevitably, the supply is replaced.

It could even be that the painted sign hotel Radio refers-- to some other Hotel, calling attention to the hotel Radio elsewhere, as a possible plcae of residence, even if transient

You've seen the postcards

They're just postcards

Hotel Radio, they say. And the photograph is a photograph of this hotel

Is it?

Yes. Cheap photographs distort reality, to a certain extent-- but this is the hotel Radio

(enter, with radio)

I thought you might like this

Thank you very much

(Plug in. Goes)

Thank you again!

Did she hear that?

I was late. I'm sorry, but I was late

Don't be sorry

But I am

You couldn't help being late

Let's go to dinner

Good idea

And when we get back-- we can listen to the radio, and hope--

Hope against hope

Maybe there'll be. . .good things to listen to

Talk or music

A little of both

Maybe we won't be able to tell the difference

Oh, unless we drink too much-- we'll be able to tell the difference.I don't tip my hat to any of you two bastards.

I'm here alone

I don't lift a finger.


Suppose I asked for an explination of everything that happened in my life. You couldn't provide it.

Right. I couldn't provide it.

I could only get a half-assed exolination from somebody in your catagory

I didn't know I was in catagories.

You was-- are-- am.

I was-- are-- am

Was-- are-- am

Was-- are-- am.


Hungry for experience?

Hungry for the truth.

This must be where I lived previously. If I dare reach towards this radio--

I find that the hand, trembles. And that flight, biscets any clear images in my head.

Let's see if I fall.

Try taking a step

Bring me something to lean on

Then it won't be a fair test

Test me

Take a step

(exits fast)

Don't be afraid. A test is an opportunity!


I'm getting something to lean on!

Can I demonstrate my own self as an existing thing.

Look. I have acquired another book which I shall never read. So I have purchased, not knowledge, but ignorance.

And somehow, that puts me closer in touch with the truth that is at least MY truth.

I suspect it's a kind of laziness

Oh, I suspect you're right. But what are the options. Either I fight laziness, or I give way to laziness.

You seem to have made your choice

Put it better. I have been chosen


I think laziness turns against you eventually. You wilt

I've already done so


It IS possible to act contrary to one's destiny

Perhaps that's cowardice. Perhaps giving way to ones destiny is. . .well, the spiritual path, so long as awareness is till super-awake.



Why did you bring home another book you won't read

Sometimes I cheat


I look into such a book. I open it at random and read a few sentences, to see if I'm capable of surrender.


Usually-- that doesn't happen

Can I prepare the couch?

Isn't it prepared?

I'd put out a pillow

No-- I'll just collapse on it as is.


Now, cover me with books--

(exit, enter. Done. He rises)

If I rise from the sea-- am I barefly capable of doing so two times in succession

Of you, I think it would have to be said, you breathe better when it's machine assisted

Excellent, except I'm too lazy to even acquire for myself such a machine

I'll be beyond this game, soon enough

I'll do no more battle with you

Then, off to the races

Join me there. First, collapse in the way you want to collapseWhen I'm covered with books, as I was

As you are


True. I still am


I have an invention. Open the chest

(done, book suit out and on)

This goes where I go

It gives one the impression, sir, you are well read

Quite the opposite-- axcess to these books is limited, plus--

You could contort your body to do reading

That's hardly the point

What is the point

I risk damaging these books, through the sheer activity of passing through life. Notice how awkward

I've noticed

You mean you've anticipated (Book suit) (3 present)

I can't get out of this

A trap?

A vefy comfortable situation

As I said, therefore

--A trap

A trap.

My reading matter accompanies me.

But it gets destroyed, potentially, in transet

I'd rather concentrate elsewhere

Yes. The mind CAN be an illuminating beacon and therefore, directed elsewhere

What an attractive disguise


My curiosity is peaked. To me, that's attractive

It's awkwardness needent be figured into the equasion?

It would be uncomfortable to make use of that liberally displayed reading matter

It must be for show only

That's the question

Have a seat

Of course. Catastrophy



So what happened interesting today to you?

There's so much to know, and so little time to explore.

Might as well give up hope in that direction

I have

What gets substituted?

You took the words right out of my mouth

There they are-- millions of them.

Yes,-- but, nesting, as it were. Unhatched, as it were

Do those chickens--


Don't wake them up. Ot spoils the effect

All along, I said-- good effect

Well, in the limited time available-- a good effect here or there seems the appropriate best one can hope for

Let's get a divorce

We have no kind of perminant relationship

Yes. I know. So-- let's get a divorce

Let's gfet a redundent, divorce

Let's get a simply beside the point, no was to tie it to any realities in the environment, divorce-- which like any other word can have brand new implications if it's just banged against hard enough so a little blood starts flowing

(Get brooms, wack)

(Music rises)

I feel . . .like I'm in another time and place.

Yes. This is OK. This is excellent! This is excellent!

(Can I designate myself as an existing thing?)Who can move-- when I enter a room, nobody--

You mean somebody's there?

I mean, I casually collapse

Something said is something forgotten forever

Pass over-- I mean, pass a hand over the forehead

Can a word do a word's work

Safe with words-- less than safe with people. Let me correct that

Safe with words?


No. Words like broken promises. People like promises that no matter what happens-- are not broken. Ever. They stay people

Words stay words

No. They erase themselves. They flip flop. Right now you don't understand. But the minute you vanish, and if you're lucky you WILL vanish, then you WILL believe me.

Do you remember on a certain occasion when I re-opened my eyes

I don't know how to exist on this level where I exist

I bend toward you, but I don't bend. So what's really happening. I must be breaking into a million pieces.

Try that again

One more of my million pieces

Let's turn an even into a new flavor

Oh? Flavor of the month?

Flavor of the moment

Do you think it works--


That talking a new way is really being a new way

No-- it's to stop 'being'.

If I really talk a new way-- then I don't have to go on existing


What window are you going to jump from

No. Here I am


Did I hear you say "here I am"?

Well, you heard me but I don't think you understood me

I must have tied a rope around my own muzzle. I mean muzzled myself, and of course the rope was imaginary-- except, I'll tell you where you can find one. In that drawer

Don't draw me any pictures--

Look at these fingers; they can't handle any good drawing mechanisms. But they can, go over the mouth like an umbrella.

(over mouth)

I see, it's keeping the rain off. No, I mean, I don't hear any rain

(fingers into ears.

(Music up, out)I try, obviously, to see important colors in the backgroud of my efforts to become consciousness

Oh? Wake up?

Did I say I was walking on grass, or on water that lies an inch or two over the brown soil?

I think your words are turning into sponges

Please. Show me your hands.

Now, put them on my face

My hands?



Don't say how, because that starts something vibrating in my entire body

(Music, dance)

Couldn't I approach, talking to you. . .instead of talking to myself

Ah, that means stop talking

No, I want to talk--

From the inside or the outside

Both at once

Who's talking

I am

Look! --who's talking

It's going back and forth between us

Excuse me, did this clock just say something?

Tick tock

Oh no, I think you seriously misintrepreted

What did you hear

Something about-- oh my arms are tired, but I think there was a confusion between an arm and a tongue


Now. Let go

(Pause, and done)

Now-- what were you saying? Ah. Cat got your tongue.

(other looks at watch)

Who's talking?

My watch stopped


It says three fifteen and that's obviously wrong

I thought you were trying to communicate with me

Yes, but something else started pre-empting us--

Missed opportunity

Who's talking.

Look! -- who's talking? It was, alas, the end of the morning. Another morning in which the sun burned into the sidewalks and building fronts like benevolent truth.

Truth, so often wearning the cloak of one who named himself avenger-- and the smile played over the lips in a way that made the eyes distort (did the seeing also shift? The sun was, in these early morning hours, pmpervious to such shifts. But now, noon upon us, the 'alas' found depths to sink into, never again extractable.

The light, which in its oblique angle, had as it were, kissed, now was weight, descending as it were from above.

What before, through obliqueness, had urged into action and invention (at least for the mind, that true light receptor) now as the weight of weights (too light for measurement) pressed the expanding brain-mind-eye axis into the lower parts of the body (and recall, location here is a fiction un-traceable) and that body-- the world now-- had, in the dream of home, no home.

Noon, and what could be imagined as flight only-- left behind its true connection to the true life and so life and breath separated, and the body did its things-- and the mind did its separate things, and that unconnectedness was the fault, and where the crack in the noon universe widened-- there, entered the face, contorted, of the self dream that covered with the blanket of who I am, the true king, who I am not.)What is here, problematic Paul, is that there is no window to the outside world

Light is here, but it does not ednter

Then I should close my eyes


A window could be cut in one of the available walls

One that is between the outside, and the inside


Did you say yes?


Did you say . . .some variety of an ultimatum?

Yes. That window which is something through which one looks.

He saw, there, his image-- his self-- the seen, not a reflection, but a date, written like a depth.

And then the window-- re-reflected, sliced, him-like, into the world and the world itself, lit, withdrew in new intimacyTry one foot after the other.

I'll be walking

Right. You'll be walking

Will this give me a superior way to cross considerable territory? --Wait a minute. I'd rather answer that myself.What is trying to happen in this play? Life is trying to re-form itself-- still recognizable-- on a slightly different plane-- or tilted, the plane of normal, every-day life, tilted slightly, so that other factors-- present as parts of the admitted vast universe of being, can slide into, amidst, recognizable for brief moments at least, as a variation in texture of normal living . . .sliding into and shifting slightly, open windows in the texture of normal, everyday life of social interaction.

What is happening in this play? The laws of life are re-written. Life is lived on a premise that changes. That new premise, discoverable in tiny adjustments that are visible, moment by moment, rather than in the bulk generalization of a narrative line-- for there is no story, other than the story of this real moment, which pivots, under the blow of yearning-- the yearning for a glimpse of that other world which is this world, obscured by habit.Welcome!



Let me tell you a story in the center of which, I hide a personal message

Excuse me. But how will we be able to recognize this private message?

(why do you say "we", when this message is intended for just one of you?)

(Why is this message hidden?

So that its decipherment will insure perminant value to the one

who deciphers it)

etcIs this up your alley?

I should say yes-- whatever the definition turns out to be

That's a no

The opposite

I heard hesitation--

My kind of committment. If I don't hesitate, the juice doesn't get squeezed out of the appropriate dry rock. What an accomplishment you expect of me and-- surprise of surprises-- I pull it off.


I hardly know what happened

Making it invisible enough was my genius. I was just in a minute or so of real life passing.


Quite up my alley, as the vernacular has it, but then again, what is vernacular? We communicate

We can't help it

You know it. I know it. We just had to spread it a little, like butter over a little stretch of time that now has been totally devoured and let me remind you: you are what you eat


Right. Invisible stuff.

______________________Falling over the furniture

The moment passed

That's for me to find out

I wonder if my foot changes sizes. At any event-- now it's back to normal

Ah, the future longs for an encounter that never takes place

I've tried

Ah, but it's the failure of trying, the trying that gets deflected, thrown off course, such tries as it were de-tried: something that's out of your control, sir.


Then I mustn't even think about it

But you do

But I mustn't

But you can't avoid it

I can try


It won't work


And we both smile

(Turns, hits chair)

That doesn't count I'm afraid

Why not?

You tried

Can you read my mind?

Certainly. Can you read mine?

That's true

(Moves and looks)

What happened

I thought something just fell out of my pocket

What an odd way to put it


--I can read your thoughts. Now-- you say-- I can read your thoughts.

I can read your thoughts

Fell better?

Yes and no. But of course I said that without thinking


(extends hand)


Thank you

No. Thank you.

(awkward pause. Move)The trees bent, not visible this bend, but the street, sidewalk, steps, reflecting the slight undulation, over and over was captured, when Marie said 'Hold me. Not an embrace, you understand (he understood) but a hold onto the center that does not pivot.'

At that command, he let go, laughing, and re-joined the life of the street, thinking a life was wasted while in fact, it served the purpose pf things.

The Hotel Radio rose into the air, while the light that surrounded it, cradled a voice that spoke like second light, and the warm arms of that voice, unfolding into the reaches of the night, covered vast, vast, is a direction that has none, and height that travels towards a center and so is in no direction also.

Vast vast, and a hundred lives flowed into that center and more, but those hundred lives, leaving not yet all those places in the scheme of things, meant that the center was now everywhere, and the beacon on top of the Hotel Radio turned, smiled, and returned into the shape of the human being, one among many, who had the courage, merely, to imagine it.If I went to a window that had been eliminated, and looked out--

It was eliminated

What was

Looking out a window was eliminated

I thought you said the window was.

What window?

Of course. I forgot on purpose. Then, this is ten minutes later, I covered my eyes

Why bother

Join me

Did you say I had optical illusions

I said this was ten minutes later

Anything's possible

Not anything, because moments pass and are effective

Is this an effective moment?

Oh yes. This is a very effectrive moment. Or was. Look at it through a window

(Both cover eyes)His own way to a better life, he didn't make clear to himself-- but it hovered, in front of his eyes, like a light.

Let me wave a substitute

(Picks up lamp)

That should do the trick. Therefore I release my inhibitions



I see nothing less inhibited


Suppose I drop my pants

You won'd

Of course I won't. It's too silly

But it would be a sign of being uninhibited

Put down the lamp


Put down the lamp!


God damit, I said put down the lamp!


Does that improve somebody's life?

Not me

Well, on the other hand, my arms were getting tired

Then I guess, in a very real sense, it improved your life


I accept your gratitude

Humm, what a gracious gesture

Oh no, THIS is my gracious gesture--

Are you moving something?

I could easily hallucinate a movement, but I don't

I don't either.In a certain hotel,

a certain radio was absent.

Once upon a time, each room contained a radio.

Now, no radio in no room.

In a certain hotel

plans were made

to broadcast,

from a tower on the roof of the hotel,

Radio broadcasts.

But such plans never came to fruition.

Nevertheless, the name of this hotel

was the Radio Hotel.

How often has a name been less than appropriate.

In this case, one could understand

why the name was chosen, even though it was no longer appropriate.

Having once been, to a certain extent, an appropriate name

There was now a pause

in thought.

Through that pause, thoughts from another time

Bled, leaving the residue of a name.

Radio Hotel

No blood stained the walls of the Radio Hotel.

Silence, radio reigned.

And the Radio Hotel

closed inside itself

The lost proclivity it broadcast



those who passed or entered

or passed through as guests

in the

Radio Hotel. (Hotel Radio, hello, radio Hotel)

Can I help?

No. But help.

It's one of my favorite words. No. It's my favorite word.

I help whenever I get help

The more times you can use the word help in a sentence, the more it helps.

Help myself

Help yourself

Help yourself to the word help, which is how I help myself


Help yourself to some fruit

I don't think I should eat right now


One of the most potent ideas I ever had, ever, was the idea that in the center of the fruit was a pit, and the pit was the radio in the center of the fruit. And the whole fruit. . .helps, the radio in the center of the fruit.

My ear, helps

My ear was help also

Does this help? My ear helps


Have some fruit now

Eat it, or let it turn into the radio that it is

In the Hotel Radio, the fruit that is placed in bowels which sit on ssmall tables in each room-- no radios in rooms, but fruit in rooms, and in the center of the fruit, is a radio


I imagine walking down the street and seeing the letters painted on the stone wall of the building I pass to spell the words "hotel Radio". Then I imagine a round fruit-- just it's image, painted on a stone wall. And I imagine a ray of energy, travelling through the stone and emerging from the stone to fly over the whole city. This helps. This imagining this thing helps

What does it help


It helps me. If I try to say what it helps-- me-- that separates me from myself and that does not help. So I do not explain why it helps, even to myself. I just say and know, it helps. Which is much like being in, or traveling towards, the Hotel Radio. Just remembering it, even from inside one of its rooms, and I don't know if there are many such rooms or only a few-- but it helps.

It helps

Hello, this is a part of the hotel radio, and it helps.

_______________ (This scene, it would seem there are many waits before a speech, in which one, grasps another 'angle')

Those wings are invisible to most people, but I see them

--Let's go out into the street

There are too many busses

--I don't like to ride in a bus, I like to avoid a bus

It's the noise I find objectionable

--So. We go into no street

I have a nostalgia

--All streets or certain streets

The answer is written on my fingers--

--why on your fingers.

What I mean is, sometimes I'm able to write things I had no ability to say verbaly. So I'll reach for this piece of paper-- but I have no pencil.

Ah-- you'll have to rely on talking after all

Did I ever tell you about a relative?

I thought you had none

That would be impossible. I couldn't just spring into the world, like something that manifest itself all by itself.

Can you still see my wings?


Do you imagine having your own?

Give me a pencil


Then I might as well tear up this piece of paper


Don't tear up that piece of paper

Why not

There's something written on it important

It's blank

Let me see


It's blank

Tear it up


No, I'll just keep it

(a) Hello

Do I know you?

We were going into the street

--That's where Ive just been

On a bus?


What happened

Well, I tried imagining secret lives for everybdy on the bus. Then I came here.

Now you can imagine my secret life

I'm not very good at it

(Pause, unfolds paper)



(a) Nothing

When YOU said nothing, that's when I took it seriously

I'm here to make changes

What kind


How much later

Well, that's just to confuse you. What I should have said, is-- was-- it's already happened

I thought something was different in here

The furniture was rearranged

Right. The bed used to be over there somewhere

And this table, by the other wall--

It's hard remembering

(a) Should I bring in the suitcases?

I forgot all about them

Mine's not very heavy

Well--we'll find out about that, won't we


I don't know if you should trust such a recent acquaintance with our suitcases

I'd like to know more about what happened to you on the bus

Just because you won't ride in one--

Of course-- maybe that's why I'm so interested

Well, I got on, paid my fare

--Was it crowded?


You didn't tell me yet whether you got a seat

I was coming to that

She stepped up into the bus, she paid her fare--

The bus makes a peculiar sound when the engine accelerates, but the sound if different-- sounds different, when heard from the interious of the bus, then it does through an open window when one is sitting in one's room and the sound of the bus passing at the corner is accompanied by other sounds--

Birds, singing in the trees that line the street-- yes, I noted that evocative combination of noises and for me, that's when a bus is at its best.

I've dreampt about it

It's not like that at all when you're inside a bus

(enter with four bags)

This is what I found

It looks right

The one that weighs the least is mine

Are you sure about that?

Oh yes. I tested

(Puts them down. music rises. Open, pull out some things. On, a jacket and a sweater. Embrace. Angel hides head)

"There was a sound of wings beating in air, and an angel his his face in his hands. Because human beings were at work, and in spite of passing joys-- the end of the story would evoke great sadness, which one could easily foretell, but chose rather-- to look elsewhere"

(Lights, re-up)

Would you say that the future is far away, or very near

The future?


Its both

It can't be both

It's both. It's just a few minutes from now, a few seconds from now, but also-- at the same time it's years and years away.

Oh, I understand the logic, but on the other hand I find it hard to accept, and I don't think I'm wrong

There's something I don't want to say-- but now I think hiding it solves nothing

Look at me

You look frightened

What are you going to tell me


When I looked in the suitcase, I saw something was missing


My watch


Do you think it was stolen?


Do you think something is missing from MY suitcase?

(Enter a)

Look what I found in the corridor

That's my watch

(a) I have something I'd like to give you as a present

(Holds out box)

Thank you-- but this is a lady's watch. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to wear it

Well, you could keep it in your pocket and only refer to it when you had the need to tell time

Then I'll accept


We didn't know if you'd accept

Time will tell

It already told

Right, the future's already arrived

Well, one possible future. I mean, there do seem to be many. On and on

--oh, by the way-- I saw some more suitcases I must have overlooked.

(exits, other to door to watch. re-enter)

Well, just one. But it's a big one.

I don't think we'll open this one

That's up to you

It'll be nice to have it just sitting there, knowing that some day we'll just-- . . . open it

Ah, that'll be far in the future

Oh yes



Time for me to go


Where do you catch the bus?

You ride the bus?

Oh yes

You get it at the corner


I suppose it'll be self-evident

Our thoughts will be with you

(Embrace both. Go)

Let's just put the suitcase, back in the corridor


I'll do it

Well, it's yours, isn't it?


Mine is this very light one. Which is now even lighter

(Embrace. Suitcase out, return)

Here's the key-- you should have one also

I don't know if that's possible

OK. Whenever you want to come in, just knock. I'll be here

Good. I have some errends to do now

Why don't you put them off

OK. I was just testing

I passed the test

For you to know, for me to find out

The simplest thing would be for you to believe me


If it's the simplest thing, --that appeals to me

Whereas me, on the other hand, I'm the opposite. If things are just a little bit complicated-- I get interested, and that's very good for me. Well, I don't know if it's good for me, but at least it makes me feel better. No too complicated. Just a littlre complicated.

Just the amount of complication that's right for you in particular

You hit the nail on the head

Thank you very much

Don't jump to conclusions

Did I?If I lower my head, I end up hitting my forehead on the edge of the table

Question is--

--I know. Why lower my head. Is it an act of prayer-- submission-- weariness--?

I think it's time to take to the streets.


There's nothing here--

Our suitcases. Especially the unopened one.


I better write this all in my book of memories

Think of all the bad things that can happen to a book

The entire book can be destroyed, yes. Much worse, if a single page gets ripped loose--

Upi took the words out of my mouth


I wouldn't want to risk the falseification of an entire life

Didn't you say-- writing it in a memory book?

Yes. But I can't find the book

Here's a book

But that;s a--

--I know. But put down your notes in some of the blank spaces

(Fans pages)

See? There's lots of room in which to add something


Could I ask you for a light?

You don't smoke

No, I don't

You don't need more light to read or write or see anything

What I see is here at the moment

Why did you ask for a light?

It happened


It flew out of me before an explination

I got that

Now-- you get it

No, originally when it happened, or else I would have forgotten about it completely

Lets see if we can find anything about that-- clarification for instance, someplace in this book

Did you write that?

--No. I haven't written anything in any of the blank spaces.

Let's forget about it


It's not a good book

It could still hold secrets

Oh, it probably does

Let me just store this in one of my suitcases


al-- here's my watch

Which one?

I thought I'd misplaced it

Put it on then--

No, I'm already wearing one. So I'll put it back in this suitcase

With the book

Rightr. With the book

Now you don't have anything to write on

(Taps skull)

I'll be ok in here

Let me look

(Looks at head)

There's no mark

(Pause. To mirror)

How strange. Where you see nothing, I see a whole world

Shhhh-- let's not spoil the effect

You like my concentration


Too late. You broke my concentration


That's why I said, let's take to the streets-- get it? When you can't concentrate, you might as well try something else


No. It's too late.

(Pause, coat)

Oh well, I'll see you later.


Shhhh._____________________________________________Try to see yourself. Try to really look--

Let me look into that mirror

You mean these two mirrors?

I can only look into one at a time

Your problem is that you can only look into one at a time


I can move my head back and forth as rapidly as possible to try to see both at once

Interesting-- it looks like you're saking your head to say 'No'

Which is better Rabbi, no or yes

(Rabbi? Rabbi? RABBI? etc)

Ah, that must depend on ther circumstances

Yes, but what are the circumstances

You tell me

I'm here, trying to get . . .well, I'm trying to get wisdom from you


I felt the need for a long time, but I didn't act on it1-1-7-2-3-4-5-8-8-

I have six fingers. Is this true

You have ten fingers

No. I have six fingers. Now-- I have ten fingers

Youi have ten fingers. From the beginning, I spoke the truthFar away, a door opens

The seven is inside the three. That means, three rules-- being more prime. Closer to the one

But the three is inside the seven, meaning that seven includes three s it includes evenything up to and including seven

So. Three can be a limit. The world of three

or it can be a series within a greater thing, well within the limit of that greater thing.I can lie about the world or I can tell the truth about the world. But I won't know which I am doing.

(Is this the devil's work)?Suppose, just suppose-- I were to speak, not about the real world in which I live and experience so-called real life. Suppose, I were to speak only about this artificial second reality in which I exist. This. . .play, this: literary, theatrical object. Suppose I were to lay my head on the table as if it were a real table

But it is a real table

Correct. But it is also, not a real table. Correct a second time? Can one be correct a second time?

I will assume one can be correct many times in a row

That would be incorrect


When correction is multiplied, something else enters the equasion

What is that something else?

By telling you, I'd be incorrect

This is getting us no where

Are you sure?

I'm sure you'll say I, or we, can't be sure about any particular thing. Which is true in a sense but rather a banal truth on the other hand

Ah. Banal because is isn't experienced

How can anything be experienced if it happens in a play rather than in real life


This isn't a play

Yes it is

How do you know

You said so

I take it back

Oh, that changes everything--

How could this be a play if it recognizes itself as such?


I don't know. I can't chart it. I can't really understand your question

I'll repeat it. How can this be a play if it recognizes itself as such?

That changes nothing.

That changes everythingOn a certain night, a jew rolled into a room.

I believe this lamp tells my life story

What happens when the sun rises, and the lamp is turned off

Oh, that's a local effect, only. It changes nothing

I have something to show you

(Opens curtain)

Do you have any idea what this is?

A man, dressed as a woman

(It is in fact, a woman dressed as a man)

You misrepresent me

It's my mistake then

Why am I seated

I didn't know that was the opportunity

It's your opportunity

Have a seat

The best seat is occupied

You better reconsider

This is a woman after all. Something managed to convince me

Time passing?

Oh no. Hearing that, I'd like to reach for my revolver

Why don't you put your hand into your pocket

Is that where I keep my revolver?



Look at this



That's a humanoid doll!

(Cover eyes)

I'll bet it's not dressed

Outside is inside

What does that mean

Outside is inside-- what does that mean? It mean, of course--

--of course

--that the inside of the body has a very intimate relationship with the outside of the body

This is a doll

This is a person dressed inappropriately

Maybe the doll is a copy of the person

Maybe the person is a copy of the doll

Let's take the doll apart and find out

On the other hand, I think we better wrap the doll in newspaper and put it someplace secret

I knew there was a secret

Not yet, but we're making one come into existence

Wasn't it more secret BEFORE it came into existence?

No. To be secret it has to be in existence, first

What I like--


--Secrets. I like secrets

Then you must be a happy person

Let me show you how happy I am

(Takes coin from pocket and flips)


What would have happened if it was tails?

It would have been the same thing. That's the secretI bet it was

free alcohol

that attracted my attention and made me loap ioto the main arena

I bet it was

my way of lending tone to a discussion

that coughed up the antidote to the poison professor who creamed my hair.

I bet it was


who did me with a versimilitude that shocked the expectent arbiters of taste

I bet it was


Who got lost in a way that did favors to specifically the golden haired ones I wanted to pleasesomebody screwed up

somebody cooled out

somebody fell in glue

somebody finished

somebody thumped

somebody got drunk on ice

somebody dashed backwards into career catastrophy.Let me show you something

Dear Max, the aroma here-- or should I say-- the atmosphere, is so extraordinary. It makes me think I have arrived at the hotel radio

But you have.This is the hotel radio

Is this true

Do you mean-- is this real?

Aren't those the same querstions?

I don't trust my own answer

Nevertheless-- it's going around and around your head like a cloud of smoke

What goes around my head

The famous answer you didn't trust

Is it like a circle of words?

No. Like a circle of smoke

Then it vanishes

Like smoke

Like the music in the hotel radio

There is no music

You and I don't hear it

Who does.

Well-- isn't it called, the hotel radio?

Yes, it is called the hotel radio

Then it is still called the hotel radio, even if I am not sure

Look around the room, know for sure, this is the hotel radio

Now I know for sure

I vanished from where I was and came to the hotel radio

What do you mean you vanished?

Going from one place, then putting in an appearance in another place


Do you smoke?

No. Take my hand

Do you smoke?

No. If smoke circles my head, it's an optical illusion

Is there such a thing as a verbal illusion?

At the hotel radio, that would be quite appropriate.Let me show you the important part of my personality

Please, don't fall over me

Outside of error, I have no gift from the universe

Ah, there are so many truths. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and. . .There are many ways to say the one things, which is-- ignorance. But there is a demand to fill the space held by ignorance.

An empty room.

And there is a demand to fill that room. Perhaps it's walls might be decorated. Perhaps objects might be placed, filling that room. Perhaps speech, activity, sentiment, paradox. . .

But there is an empty room,

and a demand

and ignorance: complete ignorance


One can dare the ultimate, and do nothing and respond not to that demand

(enter one dressed like king/knight)

( Pause)

What courage

Why are you dressed like that

I don't dress myself. This was the way in which I was, by someone or somebody, dressed

By who

I don't know

Make a guess


Why not

It would be a guess


What filled this room


What do I see


Why did there come to be mistakes

There was a demand-- no more ignorance-- and somebody obeyed that demand

I never obey

Why are you dressed like that

I don't know

Didn't somebody insist?

I don't know

Didn't you enter dressed like that because somebody insisted, or requested it at least

I don't know

I think you can guess

Why would I want to guess. Why wouldn't I just say "I don't know" and be done with it

Because-- something else drives you

Ah, but I am not victemized by such a demand


Is that why my appearance is so powerful?

I don't think it's so powerful

Then I'm wrong. Then I'm ignorant of the effect I produce

How did you come to be dressed like that

I don't know

Have a seat

No thank you

Why not

No thank you


Do you know how to take a seat?

Of course I do

Then you're not ignorant in regart to taking a seat

I am ignorant

There's no arguing with you

Of course not

Have a seat

Thank you

(Sits)When life coagulates-- then and then only, thought stops.

In the course of normal activity, there are windows that open suddenly. Thought stops. Something else uses the mechanism of thought.

A sudden chord in music can produce this effect.

It doesn't happen often, but when it does

the thought mechanism

is used by the heart.

That's a bad way of putting it

but, the search for a better way of putting it

wipes it out.

Along the banks of a river. A man walks. He throws his papers into that river. He crosses his eyes. He crosses his arms over his chest, and watches the papers that lie on the surface of that river float, on the water, on the surface of the water, and he says to himself-- I too, have been tossed onto a surface through which I do not sink, but float, elsewhere to the place where I do sink.

Then he jumps into the river and sinks to its depths, which means disappears-- and the arms and eyes uncross, beacsue they disappear also.

And the rock says knock, knock, I've just arrived at the important city and I have much to do.

Sometimes, it comes upon a piece of paper blowing through the streets, glances at the piece of paper, and then moves on to other things in its throughts, not knowing from whence it came, or to whgere it goes.

But on a particular day, a piece of paper lying on the street catches the eye of a young man who picks it up to read what is written on it. He reads this story, this very story. And it changes his life, just a little of course, as many things do.

And he goes in search of the next thing that will change his life, just a little, and he succeeds, because everything does, and somebody says-- well, that's what life is. And rests his or her arm on the stone balastrade and looks, for a while, into the river that dreams of someplace else.What he wanted to do was to say something about life that would really be about life. But WHY.

WHY did he want to do this.

Why not let life be as it was, lifelike in and of itself, or was it.

Was life likelike without something being said about it that was life-like but different in that it included the now saying about it which was something in addition to life

but was it

or was it a very real part of life both before and after it happened.Ignorance. The room entitled-- Ignorance

I gave it a name

And it exists in true being

This room is named ignorance.

The room is ignorance. Its emptiness is ignorance

Why do I feel the need to put such a thing into words-- and the words are awkward, but that awkwardness of the words twists into a kind of satisfaction-- why is that

If the words extend, just a bit more-- they make a bridge I stand on.

At least, my head stands on the bridge. Not that a head stands-- but now it does.


The emptiness in the head--

accepted, so that words can grow and be solid like a rom is-- or the walls of a room, against which one can hurl one's body.Words mean that

things encounter one another.

Things extend through time

on their pwn paths.

Through words, they meetIs this thing in my head, a jewel

Perhaps it is no jewel


What thing in your head--

Obviously, I'm imagining it

Close your eyes

That's not how I imagine things--

Oh? Most of us see mental pictures more clearly with the eyes closed

Look what I found in the real world

(Goes to chest)

Ah, is this a representation of what you claim to have found inside your head

I don't think so

Why show it to me

Look how light bounces around inside it

Jewel like

But the same thing happens outside here in the world

(Turns about, indicates)

I suppose it does

Does this agitation inside my head MEAN anything?

I woke up

I dressed

I went into the street

I looked up at the sky

I shielded my eyes against the light

I swallowed a glass of water

I lost consciousness for a moment

Then it returned

I know that I'd forgotten many things that happened.

Trying to remember, I allowed my body to move in various directions

Towards no goal.

I fell over myself in multiple directions.

Beautiful I said, beautiful

Remembering nothing, nevertheless I possessed it


I chose the right word

What word

It grew, in a variety of directions

What grew

The word


What's this in my head?

Does it hurt?

Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it feels wonderful. Over the course of time it does everything conceiveable. Let me show you something.

(Chest, a jewel)

But you've already given me one

I must have quite a collection

Let's look

(Slam drawer)


OK. I can imagine

Close your eyes


Does that help the process

I maintain it helps the process

(Looks in drawer. Jewel unwrapped)

No. I don't think it changes anything. Let's collect all the available trinkets and put them back into this drawer.


That feels better doesn't it?

I don't think it--

--Shhh. I know the answerLook at this

It's your watch

It's something else

It's the time your watch says

Can you be sure it's accurate?


I have one of my own

Can you be sure it's accurate?

If I don't check it out--

Do that

--If I don't, I can have considerable confidence

Look at this

Gladly. Since it's not mine, I don't have to take it extra seriousIf a particular piece of furniture in this room moves by itself-- then I call that piece of furniture, the fulcrum. The furniture around which non-moving furniture pivots.

It would seen the non-moving furniture isn't moving.

Try sitting in one such piece of furniture

Try having a very different kind of experience

Who moved!Let me show you something

(Slowly points to nose)

Should I do that?

It's optional


I think I'd like to wipe my hands clean with my hankerchief

Ah, your nose SHINES in the center of your face, Paul.

That's not desirable, is it?

It's my way of speaking


I have a private way of speaking


Look at this


You point to your nose, but it doesn't seem to me to shine more than other noses

(Points to wall)

Look at this

Maybe I'm supposed to look at the finger that's doing the pointing rather than at the thing that it's pointing at

That's one thing too many

Is my nose still shining?

Oh, there's no end to it's shining

Does that mean if I turned off the lights in this room, things would still be visible?


What the nose does. . .is perception.

Just like other parts of the body

Yes. Touch

(Touches nose)

Is it still shining

Of course

I can see I don't know very much about myself

Why bother?

I'd like to appreciate my own abilities

Did I show you this photograph that was taken of you maybe four or five years ago?

Where did you get that

You know --I can't remember?


My nose is shining in that photograph

Yes it is

And I never knew

Can I take another, now?

I'd rather not


I don't want to have to deal with any possible difference between the two photographs

There are bound to be differences

I know. I don't want to deal with that

It doesn't matter. I don't have a camera

Unfortunately, I do

--Then don't tell me about it

Is it still shining?


I'm not sure. I've never been sure. Let's get a second opinion

No thank you


I'll just deal with it-- without second opinions



It's shining.Watcxh this

(spins, dizzy)

Does it make you dizzy?

I'm not sure

Ah-- betwixt and between

You must be


Yes. It's called dizziness

It's true


I could imagine being less dizzy then I am now, which heretofore I've considered the state of not being dizzy.

Get your bearings from my internal gyroscope

I'd rather do that

Do that then what?

I don't know yet


Could we get as far away from each other as possibe and still be in this room

I think so


Let me show you the contents of my pockets

(Empties inside out-- nothing)

Now I know what made me dizzy

I travel light

It is light in here

Ordinarily that helps one get his bearings or her bearings. But in this case--

It doesn't

That's becausre of our peculiar attitude towards light


If it's really light, it reaches the point where it doesn't increase visibility at all

Wouldn't you like to sit

Why would I

It would make it more convenient to protect your eyes

Why is that

Your hands would be free

They're free now

They'd be more free. Try it out

(other moves)

--No-- don't get closer to me!

If I sit in the chair, I have to.

Then don't sit. Just use your hands as if you were sitting, to cover your eyes

I always said it was possible

I didn't see it--

I didn't say I wanted to do it

(Covers eyes)

You see how easy that makes it? Now you can move closer to me and it won't matter

Have you also covered your eyes?

Well, that's my business, isn't it?

I have no way of knowing

But you make guesses

I do. But my guesses oscilate back and forth so fast between the possibilities that nothing gets guessed

Turn around


Turn around



Now, takes you hands off


See? It's the same effect

(He moves)

For all you know, I could have moved to the middle of the room.


I did

(Other turns, first retreats)

No no--don't move.


What were we talking about?

The light

Before that


See? Everything that happens-- is bound to repeat itself sooner or later.

That accounts for the dizziness

Once you know that-- is it OK?

It's OK


OK (curtain, little statue behind. Opened)

Take a look

Is that supposed to be me?

I didn't notice the resemblence though I noticed the family resemblence

Then it's supposed to be me

Nothing of the kind

Why do I have to look at it.

Ah, a solution would be to turn the head in a contrary direction

An evasive maneuver


What it accomplished was turning everything I set eyes on into a mirror

What coomplished that?

Making me look

At this?


It doesn't look like you


There's a particular mental orientation that makes everything encounterable. . .a self image. Family resemblences proliferate

I'm sorry I made you look

I would have done the same thing

Should we cover it?

Now there's not much point

Why would you have done the same thing?


I see the family resemblence

Yes, but why did you say "I would have done the same thing"?

You gave me the idea

Yes, but if I hadn't, you wouldn't have had the idea

Yes, things would have been reversed. I'd have had the idea, and I would have given the idea to you. By doing it.


I see. Things would have been reversed


So it's as if they are





Yes What's in plain sight that I've hidden?

I have no idea, since it's hidden


I don't miss it

It's in plain sight, but you don't know what it is


I've decided it's that chair

That isn't what I hid in plain sight

Let me correct you. Until I decided to focus on it, it was hidden from me, so the choice was mine

The choice is still mine

Suppose I sit

--That's impossible



I guess anything is possible

Just the opposite

OK. What's the object you hid in plain sight

You won't believe this, but I've forgotten what it was

That's impossoble

You said everything was possible

Yes, it's possible you forgot, but it's also possible that's not true. So I better make an inventory. This chair, that lamps--

Wait a minute


Don't go so fast. Consider the chair before you move on to other possibilities


That's what I hid


The chair

Is that in retrospect

There's no way to avoid rfetrospect, is there

I don't think it was supposed to be avoided

Well-- what then

Just-- retrospect

Hold your forehead


Trust me


Now say 'retrospect'


But say it while holding your forehead

Like this?

Whatever way comes naturally

This doesn't come naturally

Say 'retrospect'

'Retrospect'. But there's nothing natural about this

What do you think it is I hid in plain sight

This chair


How can it be when you already confirmed it

--Do something that comes naturally


(Releases hands, sits back)

At this moment I'm only aware of probably ten per cent of the material that fills this room-- you have a wide open field

I'd say YOU have a wide open field

Whatever you hide-- I decide not to find

Then it stays hidden


That's OK by me

That's OK by me tooI had the idea that--

No ideas, please

What it a dream?

Was what?

Let's say--

--Show me.

I don't want to move right now

Why not

I'm already moving. Let's say that I'm on top of that table.

(Table moves center)

Crouching down as if huddled in a storm, and the table itself is floating over a kind of ocean in a kind of storm.


This is a story

Yes. This is a story

You're crouching on the top of that table

Wait a minute-- there I am, squeezed into that corner.

Now you're at two places, crouching on top of the table, and squeezed into the corner--

Flat up against the ceiling, floating with my back against it.

I bet this proliferation is going to continue

Yest it is.

How did I get to be a person who's right a hundred per cent of the time

It must be my help


If I'm in every possible place and every possible position all at the same time--

--The rom is chocked full of your various manifestations

--I wanted to make you be right a hundred per cent of the time


Didn't you say 'no more ideas'?


You were right


If I'm everyplace at once, there's no more room for an idea

But if you're everyplace at once--

This is just my being hypothetical

--Where am I.

Oh, you're not hypothetical at all.


It must be that when one person is hypothetical, the other person has to be non-hypothetical.

Can we switch?

Why don't you put the table back in place.

(Other enters)


What are you doing here

Isn't that table in the wrong place?

Wait a minute


Nobody move. . . . Nobody move.


I could bet on it. Your heart goes out to me--

I'm impassive

That's on the outside

Of course it's on the outside

I pictured up a quick image of your face in a distant mirror--

Which one.

And the expression told me all

I think those mirrors have been taken out of the room so that they could benifit some other room

I think so too



I think about the great benifit in other rooms because we-- you and I-- are both leading our thoughts in that direction

It seems to me a miscalculation has been made, a slight, falling over the edge--

Ah, That's what I hoped for.

--Because, that means the whole room is moving slightly? Tilting a little bit to the right or to the left

You picked up my sentiments

I could hardly avoid doing that internally-- but notice something


My face hasn't moved


It's doubled

I guesses that

Then it doubled again. That's what I mean when I say-- impassive. But what does it mean to YOU when I say impassive

I don't anwer, which I recognize is my own kind of meaning-- so now I'm in a quandry.


Turn around once and let your eyes catch me on the fly

(Done, as he turns other enters)


--Did I say? I was dizzy

(Other two back away)

Deal with that on your own. Nobody helps

Well, you did help-- but that's a long time ago, or rather-- well, right now it can't be axcessed.

I knew you'd see it like that


On what

You turn everything into a work of art

No. Not everything

Well, at least you try

That's not everything

It's a beginning

Yes. It's a beginning.There was the assumption that truth, once upon a time, might have been in residence here.

No longer true.

Was it true?


If it's no longer true, I don't think it was true


A particular friend helped me out of an impass



Doesn't it seem silly-- but what I have to say in response is that he, or she, blocked all my escape routes

You don't know if it was a he or a she

I can't remember

The truth now--

I really can't remember


Maybe that's what I meant from the beginning. I can't remember

See? There are no escape routes, which means, here we are

Here we are

Here we are-- hold onto that

But it's very, very. . .slippery.

(They both fall)In one, single room, in the hotel radio, I think there's a radio

Is it always in the same room?

I don't follow you

Follow the radio as it moves from room to room

I have no reason to believe it moves from room to room


Let's put it this way. What is broadcast goes to a multitude of rooms and other places. The radio itself is specific in its location

Unless it moves

Is this magic?

Is this divided between part magic and part not


Is this whole building the Hotel radio?

Another way of looking at it--

--Or is only a part of the building such a hotel

--Such a radio.

This poses a mental trap

How appropriate

When I'm trapped, I sparkle.

Yes. Those are the vibs I'm getting



Where do you get vibes

(Slowly, holds head)


I have to suppose so

Check a mirror

I'm not the subject

On and off-- believe me, you're the subject

I'm just passing through

How appropriate-- this is a hotel. You see what that means? Since it's appropriate for a hotel, it fits the definition one hundred per cent that your presence here is a kind of passing through, and since it's such a very good fit, there's nothing TRANSIENT about it. It's once and for always


Where's the radio

--In the Hotel radio?

This is a trap

That has certain advantages


In other words, YOU KNOW, as opposed to a perminent state of being uninformed

I feel uninformed

But that's just a feeling. That's just the result of being someplace where you don't normally belong, so take advantage of the slight disoroentation and pick up on whatever it is that's floating through the air or air-waves and say 'Here I am in the Hotel radio, TRAPPED-- knock knock knock-- look how I sparkle.

(Knock on the door)

Come in


I'm sorry. It's a mistake

Come in anyway


I don't think I'll do that

You see? One thing is proved

What's that

You're REALLY TRAPPED. So why don't we both just hold our heads, and together-- we'll spend alot of time just doing that thing that heads do better than anything else, here--

--I know where

--In the Hotel radio. Hello! Hello! This is the Hotel radio!The brazillians have taken over Paris. And the american reports the news back to Nedw York. He is able to do this because of his private income. If it were not for the fact of his private income, this fact would never be reported to Americans who live in New York.

The world would be different!

The world would be different!

The american sits amist small iron statues of blackest iron which populate his apartment, table top, Avenue du Maine

The Brazillians hide faces behind newspapers from Brazil and Paris both.

The news for americans, to america, on stations that come from New York.

How often is New York misled-- how often do arrows of sound say

We We

We come from the small clubs on rue Vavin, and part of our appeal is the american who, shopping for chops on the rue General LeClerc remembers-- ah, the time difference between New York and Paris is close to the time difference between Paris and Brazil, that part of Brazil that lies on the edge of the great ocean that separates and joins us all.Hoping to arrive at the radient city where all things cross; naming that hope, with a name that cannot be spoken-- He knocks on the preliminary door, and that door vanishes as his arm thrusts forward and ends falling through space, rewarded at the end of its trajectory with a smile called sunlight, bathing the facade of the marble clad buildings across the wide river.

I knew not that I had come to the edge of the river

Here's the situation. A bridge exists approximately one mile down river to your left. And a second bridge exists approximately one mile down river to your right. So you find yourself equi-distant from the two possibilities

Must I choose one

If you wish to cross

Must I cross

Of course not

If I wander, back into the town that proliferates on this side of the river, my being lost will certainly extend into a trajectory that twisting through its streets, will bring me closer to one or the other of these two possible bridges-- the choice will be made without my willing it, and I will then be able to cross, in a logical fashion, that bridge at which I have arrived, closer

I thought you were considering not crossing at all

I was

But you reject that?

I reject nothing. I wander, with the sole knowledge that my wandering will bring me elsewhere than where I now am

Haven't you disallowed one very real possibility?

--That my wandering may simply return me to my starting point?

Here we are

Yes, here we are

(Close eyes, whirl)

Where am I


Ah, so this is here. Dizziness, placed

Have a seat

There is none

(One brought)

Have a seat






Only one of us is seated

One of us is moving on



(Covers eyes)

What a beautiful view I have of the far side of the river, facing the facades of buildings, faced in marble, shining, in the morning sunlightWhat radio noises are those

Could it be you slipped

My ear?

What part of you hears noises

My ear

I don't see that happening


I don't see that part of your body either manufacturing noises-- whereas if I threw you a tidbit--



I'd chew and chew and chew and chew--

Right. Assuming you were hungry

Maybe my ear isn't hungry

Maybe it's another part of the apparatus that has the hunger for what the radio is capable of producing

Oh? I don't see it

Nobody can see their own ear, unless they have a mirror available or a friend to testify to its presence


No. I don't see any noises

--Didn't you say something?

That's just me. That doesn't count.

Then don't look

(other covers eyes)

* * * *

Let me show you something, The lines of my hand are no alphabet

Therefore, a history is a way of avoiding mistakes in reality

Let me show you something

(Gets picture)

This was me. Not very long ago

It looks like you

That's what I said. It's me

I have no basis for clarifying the difference

Wait a minute-- you have this photograph and you have my face

That's just it. The face isn't connected

(Puts photo away, focuses elsewhere)

Look at this

Are you looking at something?

Nothing in particular

What happened to the story

I'm trying to make it disappear into history

Do that and I vanish

Let me see your hands


I'm not holding anything readable

(Throws a towel, other wipes)

"Here's what happened. When he cleaned his hands, it was possible to see things in the hand that were less visible when the hands were not so cleansed, and so he concluded, wiping something away-- caused, something else to appear, but what appeared, was to him, still unreadable, though undeniably-- present.

Understanding is harder and harder

Why is that

Because I've reached the end

I don't understand

I don't understand

"Ah, the super-truth, noted in absentia. What he doesn't understand, he doesn't understand why he doesn't understand, which is a doubling back on the not understanding to make it, suitably, radient."

Let me show you something


(Pause, laughs)

I don't know, I'm just showing it

But what are you showing?

I don't know

Then how can I have the experience--

Oh, I don't think it can be avoided. I think it can be talked-not about--

It's being avoided

Let me show you something


You decide.I choose not to see this-- I choose not to see this thing

What thing


Let me show you something

(opens for cloth)

What are you showing me

What is this thing

If it vanishes, I can talk about it

(Put away)

Talk about it

It covered your hands effectively

That wasn't a motive

No, but certainly it happened

If it wasn't a motive, I don't think you should talk about it

If I only talk about motives, I'll end up at the beginning of time

Wait a minute! --Time has no beginning

How can you say that when you have to show me things in order to talk about things

You said, talking about it only when it was put back where it came from

Wait a minute, it didn't come from that drawer

What was it

I didn't say I could say what it WAS, I just said I could TALK about it

(Taken out again)

What is this thing

If I satisfy you by saying its a piece of fabric, I won't feel good about myself

Why not

I don't think that's where I was headed



When I said-- I couldn't talk about it

Don't be overly afraid of being self-contradictory

Oh no, but I'm afraid of making it vanish for good


I can't say

This thing?

That's not what I'm talking about

What is this thing

(Puts away)

What is this thing

You have a funny expression on your face

This thing?


Thiss old thing? This battered and beaten thing?

It's in a cloud of light

I don't see that

I'm the one who sees it

(first, goes and takes cloth, looks, puts it back)

How am I doing with the cloud of light my head's in

It's still there from my perspective

What is this thing-- a cloud of light?

I don't know

You claim to see it

Wait a minute-- this 'thing' is something I can't talk about

Can you touch it? Can you put your hands on it?

(Other opens drawer, takes out coth)

It's covereing your hands

To me, even though I can't see them, I still have a connection through feeling

Then you can talk about it

I am


This thing. I can't see it, but I'm talking about it

Your invisible extremities


(raises under cloth)


I can't see them

No, look

I can see the fabric

Not if I put it back in the drawer, you can't


Now you can't

Right, I can't

What is this 'thing'

I don't know

You can't see it, and you don't know what it is.

____________________________Let me show you what I'm pointing at

The wall

Narrow it down

Now you stopped pointing

Can't you remember?

Listen-- my mind entertains a multitude of possibilities

I don't believe you. No-- I believe you, I said I didn't because it was to painful to imagine your mind whirling about like that at fell speed. But now that I believe you, stop it.

I can't

What am I pointing at

(a brief point)

The wall. The picture

Stop there


No two people see the same thing in a picture

Let me show you what I'm pointing at

Isn't it self evident?


If you're pointing at it you're pointing it out


Is that a question?

The minute I say the word it's no longer a question

Then why did you ask

I pointed to something

Now I realize what was amazing about that. You turned pointing at something into a question, and heretofore I didn't know that was possible

It isn't


I'm still trying to show you something

I'm going to move closer to that picture

It won't help

I didn't say it would help, I said it was something I was going to do



That doesn't show me anything

I'm not even facing it

Now you are

Am I



That's never a question

Show me something


Point at it

Oh, I think you can remember, I don't think I have to repeat it

Show me

"And. . . .amazingly-- he did it without doing it"Let me show you something

(Pause, puts from pocket into drawer)

What did you hide

Nothing important

Did you want to show me how you hid something?

But it was already hidden from you when it was in my pocket

That's hardly the point


(Out of pocket)

A ring

With a diamond

That verifies my point, it was hidden from me

Well, in that sense-- isn't everything?

What do you mean by everything


At this moment that ring isn't hidden, I can see it sparkle

You mean the diamond


So it was hidden after all


--And now it isn't


But if you looked in that drawer to see what I've hidden--

What do you mean--

Well, look and find out


It's empty

Ah, but it was hidden

In a sense

In what sense


I don't know why. but it flashed into my mind that you might as me to try on the ring

That's a good idea

Then you weren't planing on it?

Maybe I was unconsciously



Then why did you start by asking me to look at something


I don't know


You put something in the drawer, but as it turns out it was nothing

If you try on this ring-- I wouldn't call that nothing

What would you call it


I'd call it, making the hand sparkle

The whole hand?

Certainly, as it performs the various manipulations that in the course of a day bring the hand into motion, the whole hand would sparkle. If one of the fingers was wearing this ring.

We'll have to try

Yes we will

(on, move)

How do you like it

I like it fine

It sparkles

Yes, it sparkles-- that's why I like it

________________What are you doing


The minute you know what you are doing, it dies.

But what are you doing

(Pours drink)

I have no idea.

This thing kills me-- but it isn't killing me

Let's drink to your health

What about your own?

Well. . .I can't put my finger on it

(Other turns)

Did you hear something?

I thought I saw something

You mean, after you turned or before


I don't know

I shouldn't have asked



I just shouldn't have asked. I just have that feeling, that I shouldn't have asked

(Pause, move)

I just have that feeling that I shouldn't have asked


What kind of stories do you like best

I don't understand


I know what a story is

What kind do you like best

I never thought about this

This is a good time to think about it

I like stories, I think, in which there is a mystery

Notice how you said-- I never think about this. By using the word 'this'--

--I know

--It was as if you were inside one of those stories.

What stories

The kind you like

With a mystery

Yes. Like hearing or seeing something behind your back that makes you turn

I didn't see anything

It was outside your field of vision

Either that, or it wasn't there

Oh, it was there or you wouldn't have turned

I know what kind of stories I like best

This kind?

A story in which nothing seems meaningful, and yet in that, there's a mystery

In what

In the fact that nothing seems meaningful. And yet, there's something outside the range of seeing or hearing. A mystery. Like life itself



It's dangerious


This life you're hypothosizing about

Right. It could end up killing me

But does it

That's a mystery

Let's drink to that

___________________Assume this: through all moments, experience is trying to reach me as the representative of something else.

Not the event as weight, but quite the opposite. Event as local atmosphere:

but why. What secret resides in such an atmosphere which is only local, the effect of light mixed with temperature and vista, or archetectural articulation of a space in which the air is mixed, to varying degree, with particles of denser matter.A look encountered is lost, no longer look-alike.This room is named the Rose room. But there are no roses

--Not even absent roses?


--I would have thought that since there are no roses in the rose room, the fact of their absence would be especially potent


This is the rose room

There are no roses

--This is important to understand-- what is absent is something else

Other than roses


Hence, still in a sense, roses

--I follow your line of reasoning, but it is, alas, defective. Your reasoning is that things are defined by the horison of other things, within which they occur

Or don't occur

--Are we exchanging roles?

This room, where I am-- transient

But that's my role also


Transient in this room

The rose room

The rose room


Come in

(enters, with flowers)



The light from a window is something to neutralize



It's so seductive

What's wrong with that

Look how it articulates this vase


It's a major distraction

From what?

That's impossible to deliniate

Then I suggest you give way to distraction, plus, giving way to beauty, plus, allow the seduction and hope that inside it, something good happens.

You don't understand


Something good is happening


I'm neutralizing it


Everyuthing good that's happening

If you're neutralizing everything good, then it's not good

I don't think you understand


I see you want me to go on--

That wasn't what my silence meant to ME

--All these things, all this beauty and seductiveness, meutralized, means I don't insist on their continuation which is of course impossible since this too shall pass-- and if it's I who do the neutralizing rather than time, that's the one beautiful thing that can continue, or at least be repeated ad infinitum.


Isn't it beautiful

I might as well say yes to my own consideration

Do that

It's beautiful

Let's neutralize it.

(Other exits)

Ah, this is going to happen in secret. That makes it. . .tremble, like something inside a glass container that's being agitated

(Other in)

Why are you holding that glass container up to the light?

It's beautiful. Notice how steady my hand is.

Right. Nothing's moving.Here where I place my feet, on this solid ground. Which I understnd is only solid provisionally

Could I ask you to except yourself from such distinctions?

I like to come down hard on my own point of view, whatever I happen to choose for a point of view

Ah, more sunlight

I didn't say that

You didn't have to say that. I could see it-- or imagine it-- revealing the total contours of your face, as if I clasped it between my two hands

My appologies. I travelled away from you at the speed of light

That's because yourendered the brain powerless-- or am I mistaken?

No, we haven't moved

So what you said about solid ground--

Correct. I lied.