(Dressed as an angel)

There's no story in this

My white face, when tired.

Such tiredness

When alert, such aletrness.

No meaning in this

No meaning is here. I think so

This is the story of the man who dressed as an angel. His aspirations were such. He went into the street dressed as an angel. People looked at him. Oh.

Paradise? It's possible.

. . . . . .I've decided to be very, very, very stupid.


You don't expect me to answer that?

OK. I'll wait to see how that stupidity manifests itself. (Pause) Will you suddenly start making funny faces, giggling and talking nonsense?

You're full of aniticipation. (Pause) Assumptions often come true. Self fulfilling prophicies.

(Pause) Well, I'll just have to wait

When no story surfaces--

I entered the theater

You won't believe this. My story is the story of somebody who ran out of stories:

Little bells began to ring

We all assembled in front of a while curtain, blowing softly in the wind

Oh Poets, your name is named.

Was the white curtain a sheet ripped from the bed, the fragrance of bodies still hovering

Now: Hold this stick: a little bit highter. Now: Take your left hand and smear some of this strawberry jam on your face.


A little more. Not too much

Hold the stick a little higher.

Now, speak my name softly.


As if I'd done something to harm you, but you were full of compassion


That's very good.

Just hold that position. I know it's tiring

(A chair on sticks)

You probably don't want to climb up into this chair

How would I get up?

We'll, you'd havce to have a ladder.

You'd provide one?

Yes. If I really believed you intended to sit up there

I don't particularly

Then I'll keep the ladder under wraps

Are these REAL, things to know about life?

Ah. Jerry spreads his wings. Leave it to God, Jerry



What are you going to do in this situation?

I'm going to leave it to God

You're going to leave it to God?


Good boy

How do things happen? What is the sequence? (the relationship, or is it a non-relationship)

He opened a door, and there was somebody one had been waiting for


It wasn't said who

The center is in the fire seeker

For instance

Helen is "out of town" for the moment.

She checks into a hotel. Her hair flutters, and the brush which tried to calm the hair, which hand holds the brush?

The hair flutters.

(the brush burns, the brush is on fire. The hair is on fire)The goat's eyes are rubbed in sand

Another song, another song, he whispers

Is it my own


Hope, let's forget-me-not

No dangerous battles

No sleep to increase depth

Hope on wing


You would probably like to be initiated into cosmic truths.

Oh yes, Oh yes, Rabbi

(A street, sores fronts, blackboard. Rabbi with ice cream)

You look distracted Jerry

I've just had bad news

Let's hear

My wife left a letter. It's from Helen.

Ah. She's run off with the local fire superintendent


The local fire superintendent

How did you know?

My boy, I know things

I didn't know there was a fire superintendent

Don't fixate on it

My life's a shambles

Burn, my boy

Easy to say



It's a definative function, try it my boy


Oh yes, up in the morning-- off to work, ride the bus, go to the post office, have lunch, etc, etc, BURN.

I'll burn up


What's left

Oh, it'll take quite a long time, lots of things will have plenty of opportunity to go on happening, take my word for it.

(Pause) You know everything, Rabbi

Not everything


Ah, my exact words. Or word, singular


Yes. Multiple in flames (wiggling his fingers and giggling)

Oh Rabbi-- your hands are so expressive

It must be my cumulative life experiences--

Your fingers?

Well exercised. Ah, your lovely wife approaches.

Did you get my letter?

I'm surprised to see you.

I'm of two minds

Aren't we all

I'm torn to pieces. What a world

We never saw eye to eye

What a world

Look how far apart we grew from each other, I can feel that without being able to explain

How come you came to talk?

(Pause) I'm in a circle

Ah, the poor thing is going in circles

Help me Rabbi, I'm in a circle.

Why do you call me Rabbi?

I do besides

Why do you call me Rabbi? (Pause) Am I outside or inside the circle

What circle

Your charming wife just said she's in a circle

No, she said she was going in circles

HE said that

I'M going in circles

We never communicated (Pause) I feel empty

I feel empty

What a communication here.

Oh Rabbi, you jump to conclusions.

No. I try to jump out of the way of conclusions. I see a conclusion baralleling down the street in my direction, you think I want to be a direct participant in such a major colision> Not me, thank you

(Pause) I'm in a circle. It's like being inside an egg (Dream?)

The water between his feet


Is there poetry in your life?

(Look. Being fish)

(Being real. More. Fish)

Is there poetry in ytour life?

Try this delicious new flavor of ice cream. Fish flavored ice cream. Try it-- really try it

God rose, and ate.

Looking for meaning, Rabbi?

I bet

You like your ice cream?(Rabbi gives a shot to Jerry)

What do we do not?

We wait (Pause) Hey--!

What is it? (Pause) What is it Rabbi?

Oh my God, I feel strange (Falls, holds table)

Do you feel allright?

Not very (Pause) How do you feel?

I feel fine

I think your injection is effecting me

How could that be?

Not everything is explainable

Oh, I'm sure there's an explination

Don't be a fool

All right. (Pause) However, if I'm a fool I can't help it, can I. (Pause) I wonder if this is really happening to me or I'm just imagining it. I mean, you give me an injection, then I feel fine and you seem to be suffering the results of my injection, but maybe that's only the way it appears to me, which is a result of my injection.

(Rabbi collapses) What would I do in this situation. Especially since it may or may not be real?

You mean like a dream?

Ah. Whether or not it's a dream may depend upon your reaction

Oh no. Whatever I do or say could be interpreted into your dream experience

(Pause) So whatever you do or say isn't important

Well, that's not quite right. (Pause) It could be terribly important that we feel like we're going in circles. It could be. . .a real insight.

(Rabbi up) I feel better. How do you feel?

No different

(Pause) Would you like a popsicle?

OK. How come you didn't offer me one of ythose earlier?

Oh, it just didn't occur to me

But it occured to you to give me an injection

Of course

How strange you are, Rabbi

You think so? You

re sure that's being objective?


After all, certain chemicals are-- or could be-- profoundly effecting you.

I know that

Have another popsicle?

I hardly started my first

Ah-- numbers don't mean that much to me. Everything on earth happens so many times, again and again and again and again.

It's noticeable you didn't offer me a popsicle

It's noticable?


It's noticable you didn't try to give her an injection

Do you think I calculate these things? It's spontanious, when you want to believe higher forces are operating through me, and I'm sure that's a belief you'd like to entertain if only it could be entertaining

What flavor is this?

It's my own invention

What flavor is this

Fish flavor


It's my own invention, see why I didn't offer you something I knew you wouldn't enjoy?

I have to overcome my inate tendencies

Those are just words

But I said the

I'm implying the opposite

I don't get any implications, I get facts

If you think about it, you'll find it's impossible (offers fish pop. She takes it, holds her nose, eats)

This is almost delicious

I appreciate your language. But I don't appreciate your lack of committment to experience

Oh? Try a shot

(Pause) Do I always do everything I'm told? (Gives self a shot). I felt nothing. I must have developed an imunity

(Offers) How about a taste ?

I'm habituated. (Licks hers)

Take it all

We'll take turns

I can't, not after you've licked it

We've been having a discussion, my dear. Whatever you're destinbed to catch from me, you've catched it

It's a question of aesthetics

Ah, that's why she's holding her nose

Is it pretty

Not at all

(Pause) Is it disgusing?

That could be an association

I'm interested in facts

It must be frustraing for you to find yourself continually in the neighborhood of associations instead of facts.

I make my own

We can throw a monkey wrench into that little scheme

Do tell

Shhhhh!(Jerry): How strange. Everytime I speak, I feel I'm breaking the law

So language is dangerous

Anything that moves the tongue is dangerous

I learn things from you, Rabbi

Sure. The problem is when it isn't kept internal

The problem is when I try to externalize it


What happens

Find out

I don't want to use my tongue

Ah. You used it.